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Vikings was first established in 1959 for travelers interested in a genuine experience of the world in which they live. More than 150.000 north Americans, among other nationalities, have traveled with us since and over 16.000 passengers have enjoyed our Greek Island Cruises by yacht since 1974! Vikings Navita's European Study Tours dept. organizes educational tours of Greece for Colleges and Universities.



Nigel McGilchrist, Dean of European Studies (1993-2001), University of the South USA.
For anyone wishing to organize a group visit or cultural tour to Greece, Vikings Tours are, without a shadow of doubt, the best people to contact. Efficient, helpful, understanding of special needs READ MORE...

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Apollo and Artemis, twin siblings, were born under a palm-tree on Delos. One of the peculiarities of the Greek pantheon of gods is an unexpected specificity about their origin or place of birth: Hera born beside the Imbrasos River on Samos, Aphrodite in the waters off Kythera, Hermes on Mount Kyllene in Arcadia, and Zeus whose infancy was passed on Mt. Dikte in Crete. It is part of their innate humanity that they should have a life-story thus rooted in particularity. Much of this information is due to the creative richness of the collection of 6th century bc anonymous poems known as the Homeric Hymns. Although Homer himself had earlier referred in passing to the altar of Apollo on Delos in the Odyssey... READ MORE

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