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Vikings was first established in 1959 for travelers interested in a genuine experience of the world in which they live. More than 150.000 north Americans, among other nationalities, have traveled with us since and over 16.000 passengers have enjoyed our Greek Island Cruises by yacht since 1974! Vikings Navita's European Study Tours dept. organizes educational tours of Greece for Colleges and Universities.



Nigel McGilchrist, Dean of European Studies (1993-2001), University of the South USA.
For anyone wishing to organize a group visit or cultural tour to Greece, Vikings Tours are, without a shadow of doubt, the best people to contact. Efficient, helpful, understanding of special needs READ MORE...

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View of Santorini island
Santorini is the Mother of Volcanoes. Its caldera, seen from a boat for the first time, is a source of wondermentβ€”something so unusual that it can only marginally be minimised by the fact that it will already be familiar from photographs. Images, though, do not do justice to the magnitude, or to the changing shapes and colours of the marine landscape as the boat cuts through the enclosed circle of islands towards the harbour, which is no more than an improvised ledge beneath a 270m, stratified cliff of lava. The view from the town above is no less ex traordinary
courtesy of the cultural travel guide to Greece we sponsor.