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Greece by Yacht

What a better way to get to know Greece than by yacht? The country with more than 3000 islands and isles can offer a large variety of cruises by yacht of all sizes.


You can choose among short cruises, 7 days ones or even 2 or 3 weeks ones. Undoubtedly, the 7 days discovery cruise will reveal the marvels of the Aegean sea in front of your eyes. A yacht week in Greece on the Jewels of Cyclades cruise is for those who prefer cosmopolitan islands with whitewashed picturesque houses.


While sailing around Greece by yacht, you can also visit ports that are close to ancient and Byzantine ruins and thus you can combine pleasure with precious knowledge.


Sailing around the Ionian Greek islands is another amazing idea, as you will come across a lot of greenery and you will visit sandy beaches of extraordinary beauty and places that were mentioned in Homer’s epical poems.


Sailing around the Greek islands on a thematic cruise, is a new way of improving your skills and meeting people that have the same interests with you. Yoga cruises, Painting Cruises and the Classroom at sea are are truly inviting.


Last but not least, cruises by yacht are the perfect idea for honeymooners. Is there anything more romantic than holding the hand of your beloved one during the whole night under the stars? Barbecues on the beach, karaoke, swimming in crystal clear waters while exploring this legendary country is something nobody can resist…



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