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Greece Tours for Groups

A noticeable number of Special Interest Greece Tours for groups have been designed especially by Vikings Navita Tours, as participants share the same interests and passion for specific things and can appreciate what the tours offer focusing on the subject while bonding deeper relations with their fellow-members.


Among all European group tours, the Eastern Mediterranean ones are considered of high interest and good value for money as they combine groups’ special interests along with ancient ruins, marvelous beaches and exceptional weather conditions.


For example the ‘Wine Tour Of Greece’, a 12 days tour travels tourists to the most interesting places of this country for wine agriculture and production. Traditional vineyards, some of the finest wineries and ancient monuments along with myths and secret recipes that have to do with wine are the highlights of this tour.


Small group tours in Greece are also focused on painting or photography to capture the picturesque villages, the ancient monuments and the Mediterranean sun and sea.


Vacation tour packages are also organized for yoga and Pilates lovers where they can exercise in total peace and quietness for some hours and also swim or visit ancient or medieval monuments.


Birding in Greece is another theme tour that attracts bird watchers. Greece is the crossroad of three continents and a bird watching tour is a must for those who want to add to their memories -and log book- species found in this Eastern Mediterranean area.


Special interest Greece tours for groups are also organized for religious purposes in Greece, Asia Minor and the Vatican during which travelers can also admire the remains of the Greek and Roman civilizations.


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