Honeymoon in Greece

Spend your honeymoon in Greece on a Viking Yacht Cruise. What better way to enjoy your spouse than against the backdrop of the blue Aegean Sea and the islands of this beautiful Mediterranean nation? We can plan a special honeymoon for you or you can choose from our wide selection of packages and cruises for your honeymoon in Greece.

We have trips and cruises for all interests, tastes, and budgets. For a quick trip, we have a three-day cruise, which stops in Mykonos and even a port in Turkey. Prices start under $850 for this trip. To that at a fair cost you can add guided or unguided tours, food and hotel arrangements, and more at the start or the end of your cruise.

For a longer stay, couples celebrating their marriage should try our 10-day Greek cruise and stay that combines the 7-Day Aegean Odyssey cruise and a couple of days in Greece’s capital, Athens, near the Acropolis. You and your loved one will be whisked around to Mykonos from Athens, and then around to Ios, Patmos, Kushadashi, Santorini, and more. However, there is also built-in leisure time and you don’t have to go on to the land excursions if you prefer the privacy of your cabin.

You’ll enjoy a plethora of historical knowledge that we’ll share with you about the sights on each of these islands. This area of the world is ripe with ancient history and we’re seasoned historians when it comes to our home. Let us share our history with you on this unforgettable cruise. The best part is, we offer this trip for $2,990 per person and we take care of the rest!