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Mykonos Island, showing wind mils with a sunset.
Mykonos is a legend, in more ways than one. The transformation of a dry, knotty, granitic island of dour sail ors and fisherfolk into the plush Mykonos of today is the stuff of legend. Nobody could have foreseen it a century ago, or predicted that this waterless and windswept is land, well-known for its harshness since Antiquity, would become a home to almost 10,000 people, with twice as many guests in addition during the summer, served by two harbours and an airport that never seem to know a moment’s pause in the season. Then there are the other legends: the nightlife, the gay life, the beaches, the inter national cuisine, and the fashion parades of Europe’s jet set. It must be said that the frenzy of the 70s and 80s is largely over, and Mykonos... READ MORE

courtesy of the cultural travel guide to Greece we sponsor.