Adriatic Cruise : “The Adriatic Odyssey”

Adriatic Cruise - Dubrovnic

Cruise to Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia by yacht, onboard the M/S Panorama

Come sail with us as we discover the wonders of Croatia, Albania, and Montenegro as we travel through the Ionian and Adriatic seas.
A voyage through these Eastern European jewels will unravel the beauty and majesty of these cities that few get to see. Throughout the trip through the Mediterranean, you will be treated to breathtaking scenery in Dubrovnik – a walled city that is truly unique and spectacular.
Your journey on this Adriatic cruise continues on through historical Albania and Montenegro where you will discover exquisite scenery that spans the architecture and landscape of each stop.
During your stops, you will be treated to the frescoed architecture of cities, intimate cafes and culture, and an experience you won’t soon find elsewhere. Aboard this unique sailing vessel you will be treated to the luxury of a private yacht with the space and amenities of a larger cruise ship. For your comfort and peace of mind, you will enjoy private cabins equipped with climate control, private showers, and a well-furnished cabin space to enjoy. There will be access to meals and complimentary drink options throughout the day.
Enjoy the beautiful waters by partaking in the snorkeling or boating equipment and get even closer to the gorgeous Mediterranean seas.


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