Tours for Colleges and Universities – II

There is a great variety of tours for colleges and universities from 9 to 22 days -or even more- according to what each group needs.

University groups can also select personalized educational trips and visit the places of their interest in Greece for the exact number of days they want. College Europe trips, tailor-made or fixed can be bought, too, mainly focusing on the Greek and Roman civilization and visiting Greece, Italy, the Adriatic and Asia Minor.

Spring break tours for Colleges and Universities are a wonderful idea for students who want to profit out of their days off school to get extra credits in a relaxing and fun way and discover Greece and its wonders.

Classroom at sea programs give students the opportunity to understand better what they have seen and read in their books while having memorable vacations by sailing Islands of incredible beauty like Mykonos and Santorini.

Art, architecture, religious studies, longevity, botany, history, media, theatrical, languages and lots of other sciences can be better understood while visiting southeastern Mediterranean.

Spring break deals offer programs on ancient, Byzantine and contemporary Greece, as well as the Italian Renaissance.

Travel study programs provide unique cultural enrichment and a life changing experience. College break trips create bonds among students and teachers and deep friendships that may prove to be useful for their future careers and are always brought up for the rest of their lives.