Cheaper flights, hotels, and packages attract many visitors to Greece each fall around holiday time. For American visitors, the time around the end of November can be ideal, as Thanksgiving holidays can allow for extensive sight-seeing in Greece.

As well, celebrations, festivals and events in Greece around this time are plentiful and varied, so it’s a great time to take advantage of lower prices.

The weather is cool to cold in November, but most days are clear and the temperatures are known to be mild. Many hotels stay open year-round, so accommodations will not be a problem. As a matter of fact, the islands of Rhodes, Lesbos, Crete, and others are wonderfully charming places to visit at this time, still vibrant and lively, even in cooler weather.

Plaka, Winter Vacation In Greece

Plaka, Athens

If you want to visit during your winter vacation in Greece a Greek Island apart the capital city of Athens and the mainland of Greece those three represent great destinations. They have air connection with a lot of flights daily. As an alternative you can reach these islands by ferry, even if ferry schedules are less dense than summer.

The grand Presentation of Mary celebration always takes place in Greece on November 21st. This ceremony honors when the three-year-old girl was first taken to the temple. Any church or monastery bearing Mary’s name will have especially large events to commemorate this day, but all Greek Orthodox churches will have some sort to celebration.

There is an annual film festival in Thessaloniki in Macedonia that is not to be missed for movie-lovers. At Vikings Navita, we can help you plan a more land-based trip in the cooler months to enjoy your winter vacation in Greece.

You will feel like a true Greek citizen, enjoying the crisp air and the atmosphere tourist-free–what a way to spend the holidays!



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