286 best things to do in Greece! What to do during your Greece Vacation?

Greece Vacation: 286 Things to do in Greece. Where to go, what to see, what to do, best places, landmarks and attractions to visit.   If you point your finger on a map roughly upon 38N24E you're on the right spot!   GREECE     1. Visit The Parthenon Built during the 5th century BC [...]

The Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens on Google Maps North-East of the Mediterranean basin, there is a land called Greece. Greece is home to a monument to humanity. Onto a rocky crag lies the Acropolis of Athens. A monument symbolizing Civilization, Democracy, and Arts. Upon the rock of the Acropolis are built the Propylaea, the Temple of […]

A taste of Greece all on the plate. Greek food to taste.

There is no denying that the historic country of Greece, a country surrounded by clear blue waters and remembered with a history that takes its start as one of the ancient world’s greatest civilizations, has plenty to offer to all who come here. Greek food is very tasty!  From the views to the culture to […]

Visit Grandparents’ Homeland, Greece.

If you grew up hearing your grandparents’ stories and want to check out the homeland for yourself. If words like “Ellada”, “Patrida”, “Kriti”, “Mani”, “Karpathos” “Kyklades”, “Dodekanissa” are familiar to your ears, then you really should visit your ancestors’ “Patrida”. Maybe it’s just time to visit grandparents’ homeland! Yacht Cruise to the Greek Islands You […]

Greece’s thermal springs and spas

Greece’s thermal springs and spas Have you ever considered going on vacation where you could be pampered like royalty? How about like an ancient Greek deity? Perhaps you need to reduce stress and just relax? If this sound like you visit Greece’s thermal  springs. Since ancient times it was believed that thermal springs would give […]

Best Museums in Greece, you must visit

With so many museums to visit all over Greece, it is really difficult to say which are the best museums in Greece you should absoluterly visit. This is a list with some of them. As there is no shortage of ancient history to be seen by tourists from all over the world, he are 13 […]