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All in all I would say the entire trip was a success. Thank you so much for all your patience and help in booking our reservations.

P. B., USA – Greek Island Cruises

The most fun and interesting group of people one could hope to travel with – superb staff and crew. Greece with its magic –what more could we want on this Aegean cruise ? Thank you.

L&R. D, PA – Special Interest Tours – Greek Cruises

Ship and crew were fantastic! Good food, good cheer, good dancing, good fun ! Great experience all around! Thank you so much!

S.M USA – Cyclades Cruise –  Greek Island Cruises




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Cruises and Special Interest Tours we’d like to propose you

  • the Aegean Sea
    Classical Greece Cruise, Ideal for Your Honeymoon Cruise in...
    Planning the best honeymoon cruise in Greece   or renewing your vows? Set sail on "The 7-day Classical Greece Cruise"   Cruise around the Greek Islands? The Classical Greece...
  • Antiquity to Byzantium - 7 Days
    Best Cruises in Greece. "Antiquity to Byzantium"   Discover the Oracle of Delphi, the theatre of Epidaurus, Olympia the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Cruises in Greece visiting the...
  • Wine tour of Greece
    Wine tour of greece
     for GROUPS only     Wine tour of Greece. With this tour you will discover the magic of Greek wines      Warmed by the sun you are standing...
  • Yoga tour in Greece & Pilates
    Yoga Tour In Greece & Pilates Program - Spiritual
     for GROUPS only      Yoga Tour in Greece & Pilates - Spiritual     The rhythmic splashing of waves on the rocky beach provides a perfect soundtrack for...
  • Parthenon
    14-day Magnificent Greece Tour - Cultural Tours of Greece
    Cultural Tours of Greece. "The 14-day Magnificent Greece tour", a Classical Monuments Tour of Greece plus a 7-days Yacht Cruise.     Scour Greece by land and sea...
  • Ancient Corinth, Greece
    Alumni Tour: Unique Greece -14 Days
    Alumni Tour 14-Days Unique Greece   Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea     ALUMNI TOUR OF GREECE FEATURING ATHENS - HYDRA - EPIDAURUS - NAUPLION - MYCENAE - MYSTRAS...
  • flower
    Grand Botanical Tour of Greece
    Grand Botanical Tour of Greece. 3 Weeks of Greek Botany, History and Mythology   Greece, a Mother of Plants (6.000 species)   The "Grand Botanical Tour of Greece"...
  • Birding Tour of Greece
    Bird Watching Tour of Greece
    The Bird Watching Tour of Greece     A bird watching tour of Greece is a lifetime experience for birders due to its geographical location in southeastern...
  • Patrick Leigh Fermor Tour in Greece - Rodakino
    In Paddy's Footsteps: A Private Tour of Patrick Leigh...
        Planned by     THE PATRICK LEIGH     FERMOR SOCIETY     forthcoming: 2019 & 2020 to be announced       In Paddy's Footsteps: A Private Tour of Patrick Leigh...
  • Basilica di San Pietro,courtesy by "Fototeca ENIT"
    Τhe Modern Splendour of the Ancient World. Rome, Vatican...
     for GROUPS only      Pilgrim Tour of Italy and Greece. "Τhe Modern Splendour of the Ancient World" featuring Rome & Athens   T he Pilgrim Tour of...
  • 2019 Cyclades Island Cruises, Cabin Charter in Greece.
    Cabin Charter in Greece 2019 Cyclades Greek Island Cruises.   m/s Anatolie in a baym/s...


Best sellers Greek Cruises

Join us on one of our best-selling Greek Island Cruises as we sail through the Aegean Sea and explore its immense beauty.

The 7-Day Jewels of the Cyclades Cruise
Aboard the gorgeous motor ship, you will glide along the rich blue waters of the Aegean Sea in a vessel that combines the luxury of private yachting and the added space and amenities of a conventional cruise ship.

This combination offers the privacy, luxury, and added fun one looks for in a special cruise through the Mediterranean. Along your travels through the sea, you will find yourself amidst gorgeously picturesque towns and homes that stand stark white along the shore of a rich sea and beach.

Within these towns and islands you will be transported into a world of calm simplicity as you enjoy the shops and cafes in each village as well as a remote winery. Go further in your exploration by experiencing the ancient and mythological history that Greece is known for. This type of Greek Island Cruises is just perfect for those wishing to explore on board a wooden traditional yacht the Aegean wonders. Read more about this Greek Islands Cruise



Educational and Study Tours
to Greece & Europe
for Colleges, Universities & Alumni

Study Tours to Greece

…I have no hesitation in warmly recommending your company to anyone who is promoting Educational/Study tours to Europe…
Dr. Stephen P. Kershaw,
B.A. (Hons.), Ph.D.
Oxford OUDSE England, Rhodes College USA, University of the South USA

See here more about Study Tours in Greece and Europe



Cultural Greek Travel Guide

Visit the Cultural Greek Travel Guide we sponsor to know more about Greece and its amazing beauties.



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