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picture of euros ? What’s the Currency in Greece? Where can I change money? = Currency is Euro. Check out current exchange priceswith your bank or click here. You can change money at the airport on arrival and practically in any bank you’ll find in Athens or elsewhere in Greece. Also there are plenty of ATM’s in Athens and all over the islands which you can use.
airplane, front ? When should I book? What happens with air tickets? = Save money by booking your flight to Europe as soon as possible. Airlines have only a restricted number of discounted seats on each flight. The later you book the more you pay for the flight.
cab at Athens international airport ? How do I get from Athens International Airport to Athens center?

= Athens International Airport “ El. Venizelos” is located 33 km from Athens center.

By bus: There are Express Buses to/from the Airport to Syntagma Sq (Constitution Sq), leaving about every 20 minutes. The cost is Euro 3.- per person each way and takes about 50 minutes or more, pending on the traffic.

Also available Metro Line #3, which cost about Euro 6 per person and takes 30 minutes to Syntagma Sq.

Taxi:A taxi will charge around Euro 25-30 for the drive from Athens Airport to Athens center.

For more information click here ( Athens airport transportation pages ).

electricity sign ? Adaptors / electricity = The standard in Greece is 220V (50 Hz.) Appliances from the USA requires a adaptor, so bring along a suitable round pin attachment plug (2 pins)
luggages ? What about Luggage’s? = Our cruises and tours are informal. If you have excess luggage- which you don’t need during the cruise- you can always store them at the hotel in Athens, if you so prefer. For your convenience, instead of hard top luggage, bring along soft luggage, which is more easily stored in your cabin
travel insurance ? Should I purchase a travel insurance before I depart on my trip?

= It can prove to be very helpful in case that an inconvenience or something truly serious occurs during a trip.

We recommend travel insurance. For more details please click here to learn more.

public transportation ? How I am going to see Athens using the Metro and the local busses? = You can use public transportation in Athens to get around. Click here for the subway web site and for public busses.

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