Alumni Tours in Greece

Alumni Tours in Greece and Europe is a great way to keep in touch with former classmates and re-discover the world together.

Tours especially made for alumni,  families and friends give the opportunity to keep and strengthen old bonds, to catch up and  to create new memories.
What a better way to go on vacations and at the same time to see your old friends?

Travelling abroad, living a new “adventure” together with old classmates along with family members and friends is a great way to broaden the horizons, learn new things, relax, experience new cultures and taste local specialties. 
Form your group and visit the country the Olympian Gods chose to live in. Greece.


  • Ancient Corinth, Greece
    Alumni Tour: Unique Greece -14 Days
    Alumni Tour 14-Days Unique Greece   Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea     ALUMNI TOUR OF GREECE FEATURING ATHENS - HYDRA - EPIDAURUS - NAUPLION - MYCENAE - MYSTRAS...
  • Nemea, temple at
    Alumni Trip to Greece: The Tour of Crete, Athens...
    Alumni Trip to Greece. The 15-Day Grand Tour of Crete, Athens and Peloponnese.       Itinerary Alumni Trip to Greece Day 1: Arrival in Athens You will arrive at the...
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