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I am a college professor from the U.S. who partnered with Vikings Navita to lead a 3-week long study abroad course in Greece for a group of 24 students. In the lead-up to the experience I corresponded with Pavlos and the Vikings Navita team frequently about our itinerary, and they were always incredibly helpful, attentive, and flexible. The same was true during our time in Greece, in which we worked with two Vikings guides who were unbelievably knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind, and good-humored. Similarly, all of the accommodations that Vikings booked for us were stellar—extremely comfortable, convenient, and hospitable.


Vikings also arranged a number of group meals for us at restaurants that were fantastic in every respect, providing exceptional culinary and cultural experiences for our group. As one example of how they go above and beyond, Pavlos and our guides even accompanied us to the Athens airport at 4 AM to wish us well and see us through with our departure. Throughout the trip, the students were wowed by the quality and extent of the hospitality, the wonders of the sites and museums we visited, the knowledge and helpfulness of our guides, and the incredible educational experience they received. Everyone wanted to stay in Greece indefinitely, and this was due in large part thanks to the dedication of Pavlos and his team and their expert curation of our journey. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Michael Goyette, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics and Ancient Studies
Eckerd College

For anyone wishing to organize a group visit or cultural tour to Greece, Vikings Tours are, without a shadow of doubt, the best people to contact. Efficient, helpful, understanding of special needs, punctilious about every detail – they provide a courteous and perfect service, maximizing the pleasure of your stay in what can otherwise be a difficult country to organize tours in.


The Cocconi brothers are half-Greek, half-Swedish: their Greek half is perfectly at home in Greece and working with local Greek operators, but their Swedish half understands exactly the needs and preoccupations of their Northern European or American clients, which too often are not understood by other operators in the field. They are completely and comfortably tri-lingual in English, Greek and Swedish; but that is not all – they are friendly and efficient, and always at the end of a telephone to resolve any sort of problem. I have been working with the Cocconi brothers for almost twenty years both organizing adult tours for American groups, and a yearly tour for university students which needs to be very particularly designed and carefully managed.


I have never encountered in all these years any problems or deficiencies, and when the unexpected has occurred, Vikings have been available at any time of day and night to help and to respond immediately to the situation – and without penny-pinching about costs.


They have also helped me with unusual and complicated needs which I have occasionally had in my work writing the Blue Guide to the Greek Islands. With them, everything is possible – and possible with friendly and discreet ease.


I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone, whether they are contemplating a tailor-made yacht-cruise or a cultural tour for a group. With Vikings you will have the very best of Greece.


Nigel McGilchrist, MA (Oxon), Author – Blue Guides; Dean of European Studies (1993-2001), University of the South USA

Dear Peter


As Professor of History of Art for the European Studies Program of Rhodes College & the University of the South, and also as a freelance organiser of travel tours for my personal students at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE), I would like to express my gratitude and satisfaction at the services that you have provided for me over the years.


Since my first time leading the European Studies tour some 9 years ago, I have found your organisation to be efficient, friendly and flexible. You have always been sensitive to our wants and needs, and your in-depth local knowledge of all things Greek has been invaluable. My students return to the USA having undergone a very positive, life-enhancing period of travel, study, and education in the broadest sense. The same goes for the tour that you organised for my OUDCE group two years ago – they were thrilled with the trip, which they found both enjoyable and culturally enriching. Needless to say, they are keen to repeat the experience, and hope to do so next year.


I am looking forward to the next European Studies tour this coming autumn, and to organising a further tour with the OUDCE group in the spring.


I have no hesitation in warmly recommending your company to anyone who is promoting Educational/Study tours to Europe.


With best wishes as ever


Dr. Stephen P. Kershaw, B.A. (Hons.), Ph.D.


Office of International Education


Peter Cocconi

Vikings Yacht Cruises and Tours

Athens, Greece

Dear Peter,

Thanks again for another great program for our students at Eckerd College. Once again you have provided exactly what was needed to make our students comfortable and to provide them and our faculty leader the opportunity to visit Greece and absorb its wonderful culture. We continue to receive glowing reports from all of them and I expect that I will soon receive antoehr request to add this to our list of future programs.


Thanks again for all you have done and for the large part you have played in the success of Eckerd’s programs.

All the best



4200 54th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33711


Eckerd College USA



For the past ten years, we have entrusted the care of our university student groups, EUROPEAN STUDIES, to Mr Peter Cocconi at Viking Star. Mr Cocconi deals with all our accommodation needs in Greece, as well as booking ferries between the islands and arranging for transfers to educational sites. His advice is invaluable, as he appreciates the purpose of our travel, is in touch with local knowledge, and can point us to places which have particular historical or literary resonance. Moreover, his service is always prompt and reliable, with no detail too small for attention.


Brian J. Masters

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