Leisure Tours in Greece

Leisure tours combine relaxation with arts, sports or cultural enrichment. They come in packages of 6, 7, 12 and 14 days and are designed for tourists who either want to visit as many archaeological sites as possible during their staying in Greece or want to relax the way they like being on an island, on a yacht or by playing golf.

For those who are fascinated by the ancient Greek civilization and they can spend 2 weeks in Greece, the package of 14 days Magnigicient Greece is all they need to visit the majority of the sites of archaeological interest of this country.

On the other hand, 6 and 7 days trips can provide the traveller  vacations with a lot of archaeological knowledge and amazing experiences in a shorter time.

For those who admire Zorba‘s personality from the movie, there is a special 7 days tour in Crete where they can live, eat, dance, sing and swim like their favorite hero. Golf combined with a yacht cruise is what cosmopolitan travelers opt for. The Mediterranean sun and sea, a boat and a golf course are the perfect pictures for royal vacations.

Yet if someone does not want to follow programs and time-tables and wants to feel absolutely free, there is something to please him, too! A 12 days trip without dos and dont’s where he/she can ‘charge his batteries’ and escape completely.

  • Parthenon
    14-day Magnificent Greece Tour - Cultural Tours of Greece
    Cultural Tours of Greece. "The 14-day Magnificent Greece tour", a Classical Monuments Tour of Greece plus a 7-days Yacht Cruise.     Scour Greece by land and sea...
  • Golf holidays in Greece - 14 days golf and cruise
    14-day Golf & Yacht cruise
    Golf holidays in Greece. "14-day Golf & Greek Islands Cruise"     This "Golf holidays in Greece package" combines recreation and relaxation to make for a truly unique...
  • 12-Day Do-As-You-Like Tour
    Greek Island Tours.   "The 12-Day Do As You Like Tour"   An individual non-escorted tour of the Greek islands visiting Athens, Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini &...
  • Crete Tours by Jeep - Greece
    7 Day Zorba Tour of Crete
    Crete Holidays. "7 Day ZORBA Tour of Crete"     A private tour of Crete by jeep/car and guide This tour of Crete is full of discovery, adventure, and...
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