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General Terms applying to the relationship between the Organizer of a package travel and the Traveler:


in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302, on the basis of P.Decree 7/2018 on package travel and linked travel arrangements.

Please read carefully the following General Terms of Participation comprising an integral part of the package travel contract, as well as the information [and other suggestions]1, before you sign up to participate in any one of our package travels.

The participation in any package travel organized by our tourist agency requires the careful reading of the plan of the specific travel and the unreserved acceptance by the Traveler of the General Terms of Participation prepared by HATTA for its members.

We point out that the general information as well as the rights and obligations of both parties concerning the package travel are outlined in the General Terms of Participation. As far as the specific and particular information regarding each package travel separately are concerned, you must refer to the plan of the travel and the relevant price list or the prices quoted by the tourist agency.



We are “VIKINGS NAVITA”, 75 DIMELA STR., 16674 GLYFADA – ATHENS, TEL.+30 211 0129657 +30 211 0120606 MOB. +30 6944 047059, Tourist Agency Reg. number 0261E60000591801 , hereinafter the “tourist agency”), member of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Tourist and Travel Agencies (HATTA), membership number 2331, specialized in organizing travel tours acting either alone or in joint venture cooperation with other tourist agencies, and offer them for sale ourselves or through another tourist agency (retailer).



Your participation in a package travel (hereinafter the “travel”) requires the signing of a contract between our tourist agency and the “traveler” (you), which covers also your family or the group of people represented by you, for whom you are financially responsible, a copy of which will be necessarily given to you. The present General Terms of Participation comprise an integral part of this contract.

If the package travel contract is concluded outside the tourist agency or by phone, you will be given a copy or a confirmation of the contract in printed form or, according to your instructions, which can be confirmed, in any other durable medium. In case the package travel contract is concluded outside the tourist agency, the traveler has the right to withdraw from the contract within a deadline of 14 days from the date of signing.



The information, data [and suggestions] contained in the General Terms of Participation have been checked by our Agency at the time of execution of this document, as far as their validity and accuracy are concerned, they are of a general nature and will apply unless otherwise provided in the plan of every particular travel.

The printed travel plans will apply to the time period mentioned in the current price list comprising an integral part of the above, and any changes, corrections or information mentioned therein will be legally binding for all travelers.

The final plan of the package travel, the services and the price of the package are quoted in the package travel contract, duly signed and accepted by both parties (tourist agency and traveler).

It is noted that any special wishes, needs or requests made by the traveler regarding the particular travel in which he participates should be expressly stated in the contract, on the condition that they have been stipulated and can be realized. Since the above information may contain traveler’s personal data (and in particular sensitive personal data), our agency keeps the above information exclusively during the travel in order to satisfy the traveler’s needs and then it deletes such information.

The information and data of the travel plans may change due to often and extraordinary changes of the conditions worldwide and in particular in the field of transportations and international relations. In such a case you will be immediately informed in the most appropriate manner; for this reason our agency must keep all your contact details (telephone, fax, email) in order to contact you at any time.



You may sign up for any of our travels if you have attained the age of 18 or you are accompanied by an adult [since there are available seats and against the applicable price and other extra charges]. You may sign up by visiting the offices or branches of the organizers [or retailers] [or the offices of our collaborators in the joint venture], by correspondence, fax, email, telephone or via our website, on the condition of a) the payment of the advance or of the whole price, as the case may be, either in cash or by making a remittance to the tourist agency, and b) the unreserved acceptance and compliance with the present Terms.

In order to sign up validly, the particular travel with dates of departure and return and any other distinctive information should be mentioned in your down payment receipt. You are entitled to participate in the travel once you have paid in full the price of the travel with the relevant extra charges 60 full days before the time of departure. Your failure to pay in full the price of the travel entitles the tourist agency to cancel the booking and, possibly, to claim cancellation fees in accordance with the terms of cancellation stipulated hereunder.

The traveler who represents his family or his group is obliged to inform all co-travelers represented by him about the details and the Terms of the travel. All those participating through a third person will have the same obligations with the representative who signed up on their behalf and the tourist agency will make available to them any relevant information, if requested to do so.

** The interested traveler will receive a detailed offer with all information needed for their requested services, including itinerary, total final price, conditions, contract.

Please reserve well in advance to ensure the space of our choice. If not agreed differently, for reservation of services (for individuals) to hold a reservation, a 300 € deposit per person in kindly required when placing the reservation. Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure. For both payment installments our customers should proceed via bank transfer. Bank details are provided in the offer and agreement.

For reservation of services (for groups) special payment conditions will apply and will be included in the offer and pre-contract/contract. For payment installments our customers should proceed via bank transfer. Bank details are provided in the offer and agreement.

In case the customer is making use of additional services (not included in the agreed offer), payment will be provided before start of services and before departure with credit cards or bank transfer.



The traveler may terminate the package travel contract at any time before the effective date of the package. In such a case the traveler will be obliged to pay reasonable cancellation fees to our agency, depending on the time of termination.

The traveler will have also the right to terminate the package travel contract before the effective date of the package without paying any cancellation fees in case of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances in the place of destination or very close to that place, which may significantly affect the performance of the package or the transportation of the passengers in the place of destination. In such a case the traveler will be entitled to claim the refund of all the amounts he paid for the package but not any additional compensation.



The price of the travel (hereinafter the “price”) is quoted in our current price list, where the other compulsory charges (fees, airport taxes, fuel surcharges, tips, visas etc) are detailed, or given to you by our agency when you ask about a particular travel. The prices are calculated on the date of issuance of the price-list (the specific date is mentioned in the price-list) on the basis of the costs of services of every particular travel, the applicable fares, taxes and other insurance costs, the equivalence of Euro to other foreign currencies, as well as any other cost factors. The tourist agency, after having exhausted any possibility to foresee, reserves the right to readjust the prices in case of change of the aforementioned cost factors.

The price of the travel may change 20 days before the date of the respective departure at the latest due to unforeseeable increases in fares, foreign exchange, fuels etc. The specific increase of the price will be communicated to you properly itemized in a clear and understandable manner with adequate justification in a durable medium.

In case of increase of the price of the package by a percentage exceeding 8%, the traveler may accept the proposed modification or terminate the contract without paying any cancellation fees.

In case the traveler terminates the contract, he may accept another package of equivalent or higher quality or value, on the condition that we may offer such a package. If the travel offered to the traveler is of a lesser value, then the price will be reduced accordingly.

The traveler is obliged to communicate his decision in writing to our agency within a reasonable time, which, however, cannot exceed 3 days from the time of notification of the increase to the traveler. If the traveler fails to reply in writing within the above deadline, our agency will be obliged to cancel his participation and refund the money paid by him without any other obligation.

If, instead of an increase, the cost of the travel is reduced due to decrease of the cost of fuels or other energy sources, the taxes or fees (tourist taxes, airport taxes, boarding or disembarkation fees in seaports and airports, foreign exchange rates concerning the package), the traveler will be entitled to a decrease of the price proportional to the decrease of the cost. In such a case our agency will have the right to deduct the actual administrative expenses from the amount of refund owed to the traveler.



The tourist agency is obliged to coordinate and perform in the most appropriate manner the package travels offered to the travelers. The tourist agency, after having exhausted any possibility to foresee, will not be liable for wrongful acts and omissions of third parties or of their collaborators, as well as for extraordinary conditions such as cancellations, delays or changes of itineraries of various means of transport (airplanes, ships, buses, trains etc) due to embargo of certain areas as a result of terrorist actions, strikes and other causes. The travelers should not plan any visits or participation in events etc on days of air flights or transportation in general from one destination to another due to the possibility of short or long delays caused by technical, meteorological or other reasons. In case of delay, any scheduled guided tour will be postponed for the next days and if this is impossible, the relevant cost will be refunded.

It is pointed out that the tourist agency cannot foresee or control circumstances outside its scope of influence, which may lead to cancellation of the travel or to damages owed to non performance or wrongful performance of the agreed services, such as: strikes, accidents, illnesses, epidemics, organic disorders due to local conditions, altitude, climate, meals not included in the plan or due to insufficient sanitary conditions, external factors, injuries or hardship due to war, rebellions, terrorist actions, hijacking, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics, toxic pollution, and any other conditions of need or major force. In the above cases the tourist agency will not be liable to make reparation for damages caused by such events of major force or to cover the relevant extraordinary expenses, which must be covered by the customers themselves. However, it will make its best efforts to assist and help the travelers in any manner, and in particular to provide suitable information about the health services, the local authorities, the consular assistance, as well as to facilitate the travelers’ communications and help them in finding alternative travel arrangements.

Our agency may charge a reasonable cost for its assistance, which may not exceed the actual cost incurred, in case the problem was caused by the traveler’s intention or negligence.

. If it is impossible to ensure the return of the travelers, as stipulated in the package travel contract, due to unavoidable and extraordinary conditions, our agency will bear the cost of the necessary accommodation of an equivalent category – where it is possible – for a time period not exceeding three overnights per traveler. This limitation of cost will not apply to persons with reduced mobility and every person accompanying the same, pregnant women, minors not accompanied by an adult, and persons who are in need of special medical assistance, on the condition that our agency has been informed of their particular needs at least 48 hours before the effective date of the package.

. In case after the traveler’s departure a significant percentage of the travel services cannot be rendered as stipulated in the package travel contract, our agency will be obliged to offer without extra charge the appropriate alternative arrangements of equivalent or higher quality, where possible, for the continuation of the package, including the case where the traveler’s return to the place of departure is not realized as stipulated in the contract.

In case the proposed alternative arrangements reach a package of lesser quality in comparison with that stipulated in the package travel contract, our agency will offer adequate decrease of the price to the traveler.

The traveler may reject the proposed alternative arrangements only if they are not comparable to that stipulated in the package travel contract or if the proposed decrease of the price is insufficient.

. Reasonable complaints during the travel concerning the lack of compliance noticed in the performance of a service included in the package travel contract should be immediately reported on the spot to the guide (or, in absence of a guide, to our agency) or to the person providing the particular service in writing. The guide will write his remarks regarding the matter in the same form.

If any of the travel services is not performed in accordance with the package travel contract, our office will make reparation for the lack of compliance, unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate expenses, taking into consideration the extent of non compliance and the value of the affected tourist services. If no reparation for such lack of compliance is made, the traveler will be entitled to claim decrease of the price for the time period such lack of compliance lasted, unless our agency proves that the traveler is liable for the lack of compliance.

The traveler will be entitled to claim damages for any loss suffered by him due to lack of compliance, which must be paid without undue delay, unless our agency proves that the lack of compliance is due to a) the traveler himself; b) a third person irrelevant to the performance of travel services stipulated in the package travel contract, while the lack of compliance is of unforeseeable and unavoidable character; c) unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

If the lack of compliance affects substantially the performance of the package and our agency fails to make reparation within a reasonable deadline fixed by the traveler, the latter may terminate the package travel contract without cancellation fees and receive a decrease of price and/ or indemnity, as the case may be.

If there are no alternative arrangements available or if the traveler rejects the proposed alternative arrangements in accordance with the above, the traveler will have the right to claim deduction of the price and/or indemnity, as the case may be, without termination of the package travel contract.

If the package includes the transportation of passengers, our agency in such cases will also care for the repatriation of the traveler by appropriate means of travel without undue delay and without extra cost for him.

. If the problem arisen as aforesaid cannot be solved on the spot, after your return from the travel you must submit to our agency any relevant complaints in writing within a deadline of 7 working days, along with any documents or other proofs available to support your complaint. After the expiry of the 7 day period, the tourist agency will not be obliged to respond to any claims.

. In some cases a minimum number of participants may be required – from the aspect of cost – for the performance of a particular package travel. You will be informed about this from the special leaflet of the plan of every particular travel. If such minimum number is not met, our agency reserves the right to cancel the particular travel, with the obligation to inform in writing the customers who have expressed their interest for the travel within the deadline mentioned in the description of the package travel and refund the money paid by them until the time of cancellation for their participation in the particular plan.

. Any services not mentioned in the description of the plans of the package travels or characterized as optional are not offered at all by our agency or they are offered at an extra charge. However, these optional services (local excursions, evening events, visits to museums etc) are not compulsory for the parties (organizer/ traveler) and can be performed only if a minimum number of participants is met and the total price is paid in full.

Our agency is not responsible for any optional services not offered by it.

. At a reasonable time before the effective date of the package, you will receive from our agency the necessary receipts, coupons and tickets, information regarding the scheduled times of departure and the time required for the checking of tickets, as the case may be, as well as about the scheduled times of intermediate stops, connections and arrivals.

** Vikings Navita PC provides customized travel planning throughout the world for individual and group travelers who have a variety of reasons and goals for travel. The goals and/or opinions of these individuals and groups do not reflect or imply the position of Vikings Navita PC in any matter.

Brochure contents may not be duplicated without permission from Vikings Navita PC. In offering these travel arrangements. Vikings Navita PC acts solely as an agent for the sale of transportation, guide services and other travel related services.

Vikings Navita PC maintains no control over the personnel, equipment or operations of any entity furnishing services, products or accommodations. Vikings Navita PC assumes no responsibility or liability for, and shall not be expected, asked or required to pay for any injury, damage, expense, personal injury, property damage, inconvenience or any other loss experienced by reason of:

– any intentional, wrongful, negligent or unauthorized act or omission on the part of any supplier, its agents or employees;

– any defect, breakdown or other failure of any vehicle, equipment, service, product or other instrumentality which is owned, operated or otherwise used by a supplier;

– any intentional, wrongful, negligent, or unauthorized act or omission on the part of any other party not under the direct control of Vikings Navita PC;

-any other cause, condition or event whatsoever beyond the direct control of Vikings Navita PC (such as, but not limited to, personal medical emergency or personal accidents)

If you face any problem during your travel, please immediately contact our company and we will do our best to resolve it.

After completion of your travel, our company will issue all required by the tax-law final or remaining documents (invoices, receipts, etc.) which will be sent to you per e-mail or mail.



Whereas several individuals usually participate in the package travel, your participation requires appropriate sociable behavior and understanding towards co-travelers and other agents involved in the performance of the package travel. For this reason it is necessary that the travelers comply absolutely with the plan of the travel and the suggestions made by the guides and the timely presence in the places of gathering for the various services of the plan (flights, transportation, guided tours, excursions, meals etc). The traveler’s delay or inconsistency may result to the loss of a flight, excursion, transportation or other service, without the right to claim refund of money for the lost service. In such a case the traveler should rejoin the group on his own responsibility and at his own cost. The tourist agency will make its best efforts to assist him in doing so.

In airports and seaports you must be there at least two (2) hours before the scheduled time of departure. If you travel independently without a guide, you should timely contact the airline to confirm the next flights and make sure about the airport, terminal and scheduled time of departure of your flight.

The travelers coming from other areas should arrive in the place of departure a long time before the scheduled time of departure, preferably on the previous day, so they may not be affected by delays or/and strikes of the local means of transport. Any missing of the mean of transport of the package travel due to such a delay may result to the missing of the package travel without the right to claim refund of money. In any case the expenses incurred by them in order to rejoin the group will be borne by the travelers themselves, and the tourist agency will make its best efforts to assist them from the organizational point of view.

The travelers are liable for the acts of the children accompanied by them and they must unfailingly supervise them during the travel for their own safety.

If a traveler decides to discontinue the travel and part from the group, even for reasons of major force, he will not be entitled to claim any further services or indemnities; any costs required for his transportation apart from the group will be borne by the traveler himself.

Likewise, our agency will not be liable for any services of the package travel not offered to the traveler due to his own negligence, fault or illness.

Before your departure from the hotel or other accommodation, you should timely care for the payment of any outstanding personal bills (telephone calls, drinks etc).

If the traveler is unable to participate in a package travel for which he has signed up, he may assign his booking to another person satisfying the requirements for participation in the particular travel at the latest 7 days before the effective date of the package, on the condition that he will have timely informed our agency in writing. In case of any outstanding balance owed by him or in case of any additional charges and costs resulting from the assignment (e.g. from the fact that the new traveler is a person of the opposite sex), the assignor and the assignee will be jointly and severally liable against our agency for the payment of the above.

In the case of regular air flights it must be noted that it is not possible to change the passenger’ name but only to cancel the existing seat and book a new one. Our agency will make its best efforts to make a new booking, however it does not assume any liability in case its effort is not successful.

The compulsory cancellation of the booking will be effected in accordance with the terms of cancellation stipulated hereunder.



All information regarding the classification of hotels and accommodations mentioned in the plans of our package tickets are in conformity to the applicable legislation of every country and may vary from country to country. You should know that there are no uniform international classification of hotels.

In case of hotel overbooking, our agency will make its best efforts to settle the matter in accordance with the rules applying to the country of reception.



In general, a new passport issued in 2006 or afterwards will be required for any travels abroad. The countries of Schengen zone accept also the new identity cards [where the holdr’s details are rendered in Latin characters as well]. Our agency recommends that you have a valid passport with you in the travel expiring at least [some reasonable time] after the schedule date of your return for immediate recognition of your identity and avoidance of problems during your transportations.

Attention: Some countries require that the traveler’s passport expire at least 3-12 months after the date of arrival in them. The relevant information, if this is the case, is available in the plan of the travel or in any other printed matter comprising an integral part of the plan.

The tourist agency makes available all necessary information regarding the travel and other documents required for every particular travel and destination as well as the issuance or/and legalization of the same, however, regardless of its assistance in the relevant procedure, will not be responsible in case of non issuance or legalization of the above by the competent state authorities to which the traveler concerned should apply.

A particular attention should be paid to the matter of the travel documents of minors, who must necessarily hold a passport.

The citizens of third countries, holders of foreign passports or/and residence and work permits should inform our agency in writing and apply themselves to the consular authorities of their respective countries as well as the authorities of the countries they intend to visit, in order to ensure whether a visa or any other documents are needed for the countries they intend to travel as well as for their return to Greece or to the country of origin.

Any failure to ensure the timely issuance or legalization of your travel documents does not justify the cancellation of your participation in the travel without the payment of cancellation fees.

The tourist agency provides all information regarding the necessary vaccinations or other pharmaceutical precautions for the areas of tropical diseases or other epidemics, however, every traveler is responsible to apply to the competent health authorities due to medical sensitive data involved.

Attention: a) Many travels entail extraordinary or different conditions affecting the travelers’ health especially in areas with marginal temperatures (cold, extreme heat) or in tropical or disease-breading areas in Africa, Asia, South America etc.

The travelers and in particular the third age people or people with health problems or mobility problems and the pregnant women should consult their doctor and inform the tourist agency, as well as to submit a medical certificate required by the carriers or other service providers to ensure that they can travel safely, otherwise they should assume the relevant responsibility themselves by making a statutory declaration.

b) Also, a lot of activities included in our package travels (e.g. outdoor activities) may require good health and physical condition. In such a case the travelers should submit a medical certificate or a statutory declaration to show that they can be safely engaged in the particular physical activity.

** Our company does not bear any responsibility for illness, injury, loss of life, accident or other emergency during the travel. In the unlikely event of an occurring incident, our company will assist as much as possible the affected customer but has no obligation to cover any relevant costs or to proceed with change of the travel plan (in case of group travel).



Our agency has concluded a Third-Party Professional Liability Policy for every plan to cover the cases of liability against the travelers arising from the non performance or faulty performance of the package travel. The insurance policy also covers the case of insolvency of the agency. If the package travel contract includes the transportation of the travelers, the insurance will also cover their repatriation, however, they may be offered the alternative to continue the package.

If the insolvency of our agency affects the performance of the package, the insurance will be activated without extra cost in order to ensure the repatriation.

With regard to travel services which were not performed, the amounts paid by the travelers will be refunded to them without undue delay at their request.

The number of the insurance policy and details of the insurance company (name, contact details, address) should be mentioned in the contract signed between our agency and the traveler.

Our agency has made known the number of the insurance policy and the name of the insurance company to the competent Regional Service of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism for registration in the Registry of Tourist Enterprises.

Since the group insurance coverage amounts are limited, our agency unreservedly recommends that the travelers conclude optional insurance policies at the desirable amounts against the risk of death, illness, accident and loss or destruction of baggage and other valuables not covered by the group insurance policy.

Also, in case of illness during your travel within the European Union, we recommend that you contact your Insurance Organization for the issuance of the “European Health Insurance Card”.

We unreservedly recommend that you maintain an optional insurance up to the desired amounts against the risks of death, illness, accident and loss or destruction of baggage or other valuables not covered by other group insurance policies, as well as in case of cancellation of the travel due to termination by your part or for reasons regarding your person (illness, surgical operation undergone by you or your dependents or any other similar cause).

** Our offers do not include any private insurance on customer’s side, e.g. travel cancellation insurance, health insurance, accident or life insurance, loss of luggage etc. We strongly recommend always having such insurance when traveling.



Cancellations by the traveler to our agency should be made in writing only and, regardless of the date of booking (on the condition that the assignment of the booking to another person is impossible), they are subject to the following cancellation fees per person, depending on the exact time of cancellation:

** Please give as much advance notice as possible. Except if stated differently in the contract:

For cruises -individuals-:

Up to 120 days from embarkation € 100-cancellation fees.

119 to 90 days from embarkation 15% of the cruise fare.

89 to 60 from embarkation 25% of the cruise fare.

59 to 30 days from embarkation 50% of the cruise fare.

29 to 00 days from embarkation 100% of the cruise fare.

For Tours -individuals-:

Depends on the Tour Special cancellation conditions apply and are included in the offer/contract.


For groups and charters:

Special cancellation conditions apply and are included in the offer/contract.

Cancellations have to be made only in writing by simply send us an e-mail and informing us about the cancellation need. The date of the incoming e-mail to us is the valid reference date for applying of the cancellation policy. For the customer’s own security, he/she will receive an e-mail from our company confirming the cancellation.

In case the participant decides to break a tour/cruise, no refund whatsoever can be made for the remaining part of the tour/cruise or for unused services. The acceptance of the voucher/service order or charter agreement shall be deemed to be understanding of and agreement of the above conditions.**

– In the cases of special departures, holiday periods, exhibition periods, sport or art events, congresses, cruises or travels with special charter flights or chartered cruise ships, the above time periods may be a longer and the percentages higher, as expressly stipulated in the printed plan of the particular travel.

The cancellation fees will be charged regardless of the time of booking and regardless of whether the respective amounts owed by the travelers have been paid or not.



The baggage are delivered to the carrier and received on the responsibility [and care] of the holders, regardless of the presence of representatives of the tourist agency. In case of damage to or loss of the baggage, the IATA Regulations for airplanes and the respective international Conventions for any means of transport and hotels will apply accordingly. In such a case the liability is limited in accordance with the above Conventions.

Our agency assumes no responsibility for the contents of the baggage.



The tourist agency and the traveler commit themselves to solve in good faith any dispute arisen in the performance of the package travel contract. HATTA may assist to this effect through its Committee for the Amicable Settlement of Disputes, if the parties wish so.

If the parties fail to reach an amicable settlement of the dispute, the Courts of Athens, Greece will be courts of competent jurisdiction to adjudicate the case.




All information included in this General Terms is of general nature and valid as is, unless otherwise is stated in each individual offer.

VIKINGS NAVITA reserves the right to amend the present terms unilaterally.

The non-acceptance of the present terms or violation of some or all of them give to VIKINGS NAVITA the right to reject a user’s reservation and to exclude him/her of the services provided by our company.



Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary requests. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, however, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your dietary requests.

Where food is offered as part of a tour, excursion etc., VIKINGS NAVITA accepts no responsibility for any allergies and/or dietary needs or restrictions, or dietary requests of participants. It is the total responsibility of the traveler to assess whether its contents may cause him/her harm or illness.

Therefore, it is ultimately the responsibility of the traveler to judge whether or not to question ingredients or to choose to eat selected foods.

VIKINGS NAVITA will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come into contact with, while travelling with us.



The itineraries can be changed in accordance with operating requirements and the yachts can be substituted and departures cancelled without previous notice.

The captain reserves the right to add or omit ports-of call due weather/technical/operational reasons without any advance notice the passengers. After commencement of the cruise should the sustain any breakdown of machinery or be disabled by fire, grounding or collision for more than 48 hours, which prevents the further, operation of the cruise itinerary and if no alternative arrangements or substitute vessel is offered by the yacht owner/company, then passengers will be given a proportional refund per diem or paid cruise fare. No further claims will be accepted.

It is recognized that Vikings Navita PC acts as a broker between the passengers/their agents and the owners/operators of the yachts. The vessels are Greek commercial yachts and are licensed by the Greek Merchant Marine Ministry. Accordingly it is agreed that the interpretation of the terms and conditions as well as the determination of issues concerning the conduct of the tour /cruise will be resolved solely according to Greek Law and Greek courts.

Vikings Navita PC and/or its agents reserve the right to make changes without penalty at any times and also reserve the right to cancel any or all tours/cruises and refund deposits or payment made. Also the right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as member of these cruises/tours at any time. Passengers are advised to purchase an individual Accident Insurance Policy and a trip cancellation policy in case of unexpected contingencies. Because no lifeguard security is provided, swimming off the yachts is at passenger’s own risk.

Vikings Navita PC are not owners of the yachts/vessels featured, but acts as booking agents on cabin-charter basis for groups and individuals.


For safety reasons, sailing is not permitted by the Coast Guard, if the wind power exceeds a certain number on the Beaufort scale. Cancelling port(s) of-call or making required changes in itinerary, does not entitle passengers for any claims or refunds.

It is understood that yachts used are not sailing yachts! The vessels are motor-sailers and goes on engine propulsion. Some sails are hoisted for stabilizing reason -weather conditions permitting- and for aesthetic reason.






Standard information for package travel contracts.

Key rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302

— Travellers will receive all essential information about the package before concluding the package travel contract.

— There is always at least one trader who is liable for the proper performance of all the travel services included in the contract.

— Travellers are given an emergency telephone number or details of a contact point where they can get in touch with the organiser or the travel agent.

— Travellers may transfer the package to another person, on reasonable notice and possibly subject to additional costs.

— The price of the package may only be increased if specific costs rise (for instance, fuel prices) and if expressly provided for in the contract, and in any event not later than 20 days before the start of the package. If the price increase exceeds 8 % of the price of the package, the traveller may terminate the contract. If the organiser reserves the right to a price increase, the traveller has a right to a price reduction if there is a derease in the relevant costs.

— Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any termination fee and get a full refund of any payments if any of the essential elements of the package, other than the price, are changed significantly. If before the start of the package the trader responsible for the package cancels the package, travellers are entitled to a refund and compensation where appropriate.

— Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any termination fee before the start of the package in the event of exceptional circumstances, for instance if there are serious security problems at the destination which are likely to affect the package.

— Additionally, travellers may at any time before the start of the package terminate the contract in return for an appropriate and justifiable termination fee.

— If, after the start of the package, significant elements of the package cannot be provided as agreed, suitable alternative arrangements will have to be offered to the traveller at no extra cost. Travellers may terminate the contract without paying any termination fee, where services are not performed in accordance with the contract and this substantially affects the performance of the package and the organiser fails to remedy the problem.

— Travellers are also entitled to a price reduction and/or compensation for damages where the travel services are not performed or are improperly performed.

— The organiser has to provide assistance if the traveller is in difficulty.

— If the organiser or, in some Member States, the retailer becomes insolvent, payments will be refunded. If the organiser or, where applicable, the retailer becomes insolvent after the start of the package and if transport is included in the package, repatriation of the travellers is secured. VIKINGS NAVITA has taken out insolvency protection with AIG ΕΛΛΑΣ Α.Ε. Travellers may contact this entity or, where applicable, the competent authority, Department of Travel Agencies Registry and Managing Complainants of the Quality Standards Directorate of the Ministry of Tourism, 12, Amalias Avenue – 105 57 Athens, Email:, Tel.: 210 3736340, if services are denied because of VIKINGS NAVITA’s insolvency.

Directive (EU) 2015/2302 as transposed into national law.

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