Chris Vlachos

Wildlife photographer


AREA: Special Interest Tours, birding. Bird watching in Greece, field guide.

Chris started as an amateur bird watcher in 1985, a very popular at the time hobby in northern European and North American countries.

In 1988 his hobby evolved, as well, into photography of wildlife and in particular into photography of Greek birds, as he acquired a fully suitable photographic equipment for this job.

He has recorded 405 out of 450 species of bird that have appeared in Greece, most of which (370-380), are photographed here.

Since 1990 up to today he has been a professional photographer of birds, co-operating with the press, publications, magazines and online sites.
He has co-operated with all the magazines that had or have been published in Greece dealing with Greek wildlife and birds that have to do with Greece, as well as, articles of the Greek edition of National Geographic .

Chris has published a book about Eleonora’s Falcon and he has taken part in 7 others as the basic photographer of birds and has been working as an editor-in- chief for the “ΟΙΩΝΟΣ” (OMEN in English) magazine, published by the Greek Ornithological Society, since 2006.

In addition, he professionally deals with Bird-watching & Bird-photography Guiding, accompanying individuals or groups  to Greek areas for wildlife, interested in observing or taking pictures of birds.

He is a partner of the Birding in Greece which is addressed to birders from all over the planet.

Today he has the honor to be sponsored by Canon photo company.

Chris target is to take pictures of the rest of the species missing from its log, in Greece or abroad and to publish a full book with all the Greek birds.



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