Greece is considered to be one of the best and safest destinations for vacations globally, combining endless beaches, a great variety in scenery and countless ancient ruins. Based in Athens, the famous capital, you can visit some of the most interesting ancient ruins and museums in the world along with enjoying the almost permanent sunshine and swim in the crystal clear waters of a sandy beach or of one with pebbles or even dive from a rock. Although most people travel in groups, the Vikings Navita has created especially for you, a number of  affordable and adjustable tours that are for individuals only, serving the needs of one or very few people travelling to Greece for the 2020-2021 season. Once in Athens, a tour to the renown cosmopolitan islands is a must. Additionally, you can book a tour to visit picturesque lakes, steep cliffs, amazing rivers, surprising waterfalls, evergreen mountains and of course unique Medieval castles and monasteries, ancient Greek and Roman theaters, Palaces, catacombs, acropolis, great walls, necropolis, temples, as well as different museums.

Let the Vikings Navita tours, plan and organize your individual trip and tours to Greece because no other company knows Greece and what you want better than us.