Pavlos Kokkonis


Managing Director

His love for Travel, Science and Nature as well his family history and personal experience and interest in Tourism, led him to the travel business.

He studied Medicine in Rome, returned in Greece for his specialty and speaks four languages. The Web, Archaeology, Photography and Filming are areas -among other- of high interest to him and spends time studying them, as he’s always eager to learn new things.

” Creating a custom or scheduled Tour is a -fulfilling- challenge each and every time.
What you will offer the clients, keeping the budget right, creating a lifetime experience, organize things in a seamless way, affronting issues that might pop-up, finding the best possible Lecturers and Guides, comfortable Hotels, Restaurants serving tasteful local food and so much more…

Apart Cruises, Special Interest Tours and Educational Tours are areas that I find truly attractive.
There is so much to discover and combine as you have to go on depth on details and actually you will always take the extra mile.

I think that’s the only way to deliver something really worthy and in a way respect the traveler, flying even from the other part of the world, who chose to visit Greece and the Mediterranean with Vikings Navita…

As we stress on the online Greek Islands Cultural Travel Guide  we sponsor, we’re of the idea that  a trip should be, in its own way, off the beaten track…”

Pavlos Kokkonis, MD
Managing Partner