Our Yoga and Pilates coordinators, Mrs. Irida Kyriakopoulou and/or Mr. Vassilis-Ioannis Konstantinou will accompany you during the week. They are experienced teachers and will be near you and guide you. The combination of Yoga, Pilates and meditation is intended to be a very positive experience thus we’re not of the idea that there should be a strict program. Things will take their way. We ‘re just asked to make them to.
Greece’s spirituality, eye-catching landscapes, flow of energy, blue skies, tasty fruits and foods are of great importance to help body and mind to relax and come to a greater understanding.

  The Yoga & Pilates Spiritual will be held in two places in Greece.
– In the mailnand in Peloponnese, in a small village called Selianitica in Achaia region and
– In Tinos Island, part of the Cyclades complex in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
Both places have their special characteristics. It’s up to what you prefer best to make your choice.