Greece Vacation:
286 Things to do in Greece. Where to go, what to see, what to do, best places, landmarks and attractions to visit.


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1. Visit The Parthenon

Built during the 5th century BC ontop the Acropolis rock, this monument is a fantastic place to admire and to take panoramic pictures of Athens. Most Greece tour packages include this monument. One of the most famous landmarks in Greece.

2. Eat Souvlaki In Monastiraki

One of the best Greek souvlaki places you can find in the area of Athens is in Monastiraki. Try ‘kalamak’i, slices of meat on a bamboo stick or ‘pitta with gyros’, a pie with slices of meat with sauce, tomato, onions and potatoes. Combine your order with french fries and a Greek salad. The epitome of Greek vacations.

3. Spend A Fortune In Jewels

Visit Lalaounis, Zolotas and some more fine jewelers and spend a real fortune. Ancient Greece combined to Modern perception of beauty will impress you. Look for good deals.

4. Can’t Get Enough Of Jewels?

Visit the Lalaounis Jewels Museum of Athens and admire precious materials and unique collective jewels, most of them copies of ancient exhibits.

5. Visit The mountain Of The 12 Gods

Do you like hiking and are a hiking addict? Mount Olympus is there waiting for you. Just beware of the gods! Organized tours with experienced guides are what you need.

Greek Parliament Greek Parliament, Syntagma Square

6. Visit Byzantine Monuments

You’re into Byzantine studies or just a hobbyist? UNESCO’s World Monuments List is really rich in Byzantine monuments you should visit. During your Greece vacation Osios Loukas and Thessaloniki’s Byzantine churches are just a few really worth visiting Byzantine examples.

7. Island Hopping

Fun in Mykonos, long walks in Crete, discover Santorini, eat great food in Sifnos, visit the castle of Rhodes and swim in Cephalonia are just some examples of the endless list of Greece vacations.

8. Bird Watching

Visit Greece’s most fabulous and attractive places where you can observe birds. A passionate birder or not, you’ll be amazed by what you’ll add to your log.

9. Go to Syntagma Square

Attend ‘the change of the Guards’, the Greek Presidential Guards, called ‘Evzones’ in Greek, dressed in traditional combat clothes, in front the Greek Parliament. A zero budget idea rich in images.

Stelai Olympiou Dios, Athens Visit Greece – Stelai Olympiou Dios, Athens

10. Go On A Cruise

Embark a yacht and just sail away the Greek archipelago with its 3.000 isles and Islands waiting for you.

11. Go Skiing

Visiting Greece in winter? Don’t miss the Voras or Kaimak Tsalan resort and Parnassus mountain.

12. Have A Traditional Goat Soup

Enjoy it in Metsovon during the winter time, combined with local really tasty and strong red wine.

13. Swim In Vouliagmeni

The poshest southern suburb of Athens offers you not only the best organized beach of the Athenian Riviera with crystal clear waters but also the chance to swim in the famous for its healing thermal waters lake of Vouliagmeni.

Greek Food, organic tomatoes Greek Food, organic tomatoes

14. Go To The Athens Planetarium

Attend one or more of the many digital projections at one of the best, biggest and newest planetariums of the world. Learn everything about the mysteries of the Universe, galaxies, comets, black matter and holes, solar systems, our planet, dinosaurs and many more. The Athens Planetarium in collaboration with other famous ones, creates material for all the planetariums of Earth!

15. Buy Leather Shoes And Boots

Greek leather shoes are famous for their quality and style and are sold at the best boutiques in the world. Why don’t you buy them in Greece to economize a lot of money?

16. Buy Olive Oil

Known since ancient times, Greek olive oil is considered to be one of the best oils globally. Beneficiary for the body, really tasty and good for frying, it is the base of the healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

17. Go Canoeing And Kayaking

There are many rivers in Greece where you can practice these sports in a variety of landscapes with organized trips and guides.

Navagio Beach, Greece Navagio Beach, Greece. – courtesy by A. Kaknis

18. Buy Olives

You can also use them in salads, as a companion for drinks or even as a snack! Greeks love olives. During your Greece vacation you’ll have the chance to taste this unique product, of this Mediterranean country.

19. Eat Moussaka

This traditional Greek dish made of mince, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and béchamel sauce is a delight you must not miss.


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20. Eat Pastitsio

For those who like pasta, mince and béchamel sauce, pastitsio will taste like heavens.

21. Visit Meteora

During your vacation in Greece visit monasteries built on steep hills by monks without streets. Admire old paintings and amazing architecture and feel being between the Earth and the sky.

New Acropolis Museum, Athens New Acropolis Museum, Athens

22. Visit Caves

Due to the excess of limestone, there is a great number of caves you can explore. Stalagmites and stalactites and myths surrounding them will attract your attention. Diros, Alistrati, the Dragon’s, Melissani, Drogarati and the Cave of the Lakes are the ones you should not miss.

23. Buy Greek Wines

A great number of local wines, from the premium brands to the mass production ones in very low prices, can surprise and satisfy even the most demanding wine lover. Retsina, brousko, rombola and so many more.

24. Eat Baklava

This amazing sweet made of filo, sugar, butter and nuts becomes an addiction with its full and extraordinary taste.

25. Visit The Mushroom And Natural History Museum

Once at Meteora, spend some time admiring the exhibits of animals from all the continents of this unique museum and learn everything about the life-cycle of mushrooms.

Palamidi Castle, Nauplion, Greece Palamidi Castle, Nauplion, Greece

26. Visit The Museum Of Natural History In Kifissia

Close to Athens, this museum hosts Animals, stones, shells and lots of other exhibits for you. Educational projections will provide you with extra knowledge on biological, geological and lots of other interesting subjects. Goulandris Natural History Museum

27. Visit The Mining Park Of Fokida

Close to Arachova and not too far away from Athens, the Mining Park of Fokida is a great idea for an one day trip. Learn how mineral was mined. Admire the exhibits of the Mining Museum and watch educational projections at the small planetarium.

28. Visit Glyfada

This suburb is close to the old Athens’ airport and it’s located by the sea. Stroll around, do some shopping, take a nice walk along the seaside road and the marinas and then have a nice coffee in a cafeteria, admiring the Greek blue sea of the Argosaronic.

29. Visit Loutsa

The wetland of Loutsa where wild animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians live is another great idea for a day trip from the centre of the capital. Visit the ancient temple of Artemis, the museum and swim in the shallow waters at the end of your journey.

Athens National Archaeological Museum Visit Greece – Athens National Archaeological Museum

30. Visit Krioneri

Greece travel can be surprising as some kilometres far from the city you can go hiking at Krioneri, on the mountain of Parnitha. Panoramic pictures of the whole city can be taken here. Konifers, bushes, flowers, herbs, small rivers and ship will attract your attention while walking towards the wonderful summer palace of the former kings of Greece and the surrounding area.

31. Honeymoon In Greece

Chose one of the many islands to spend your honeymoon in Greece. Santorini is recommended for the romantic sunset. You can also get married in Greece for a memorable wedding or you can renew your vows, while being relaxed in a picturesque setting.

32. Check these destinations to find the one for you

Chose one of the many islands to spend your Greece vacation. This Cultural Guide to the Greek Islands is a great way to find your favorite(s) one and choose the best island vacation.

33. Go camping

You adore nature or you’re on low budget? No problem. Your Greece vacation options are numerous. There are many camping both in the Islands and the mainland for you discover.

Greek food, various dishes in a tavern, what to eat in Greece Greek food, various dishes in a tavern

34. Island Hopping

Catch the ferry to the next island. Greek Island Hopping is one of the best ways to see as many of the gorgeous Greek Islands.

35. Visit Delos Island

You’re in Mykonos? Don’t lose the opportunity to visit Apollo’s sacred Island of Delos. Take a one day cruise and send your self back in time.

36. Monemvasia

Immerse yourself to the Medieval fortress and just stand in front the walls staring at the sea. Breath the fresh air and admire the view

37. Delphi

Visit the world famous Oracle of Delphi, dedicated to god Apollo. Climb all the way up to the Stadium. The view along the path is magnificent.

Greek Food, Greek Salad Greek Food, Greek Salad

38. Temple of Hephaestus

Take as many pictures as you can from the Temple. Although not famous as the Acropolis, it was built pretty much during the same period and it’s perfectly preserved!

39. Mystras

A great place for hiking, visiting the place all around and then end up in a great Greek tavern serving local specialties. Mystras was developed down the hillside from a fortress (built in the 13th century AD) overlooking Sparta and was the centre of Byzantine power in SE Greece. Admire its breath-taking medieval ruins and unique landscape.

40. Temple of Poseidon

A mystical place in Attica where the Greek capital, Athens, is located. Walk around the ruins and wait for the sunset. It’s unforgettable. A “must” if you’re visiting Athens.

41. Philippi in Kavala

Explore the archaeological site of Philippi built during the 4th century BC by King Philip II. Admire the walls, the acropolis and the theatre as well as the palestra and the agora built by the Romans and the Byzantine churches.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Athens Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Athens

42. Portara in Naxos

Shoot pictures within the arch as the sun gets lower and lower. Meditate in Apollo’s Temple and enjoy the archaeological museum with prehistoric artifacts.

43. Paleo Pili

Climb all the way up to this magnificent medieval fortress with remains of the Bronze Age Settlement on its walls and take panoramic pictures not only of the island of Kos where it is built but also of the islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos.

44. Ancient Olympia

Run at the same stadium where ancient athlets did and the Olympic Games were born and held.

45. Mycenae

On top of the hill shoot a panoramic picture with your camera or even better your mind. Search for Agamemnon’s Palace and tomb and get the chance to see the gigantic walls.

Greek Food, Fava with onions Greek Food, Fava with onions

46. Temple of Apollo Epikourios

Study the unusual features of this very well preserved Temple of Apollo, the god of healing and the sun built in Bassae, on the Arcadian mountains, in the 5th century BC.

47. Rotunda

Schedule to visit this cylindrical structure constructed by tetrarch Galerius in 306 AD in Thessaloniki intended to be his mausoleum. Nowadays it serves as Saint George’s orthodox church.

48. Lindos

Once in Rhodes, organize an excursion to the acropolis of Lindos. Walk in the small streets and take pictures not only of the ancient ruins but also of the picturesque local houses

49. Belle Hellene Mycenae

Have lunch in a historical hotel where Schlimann and so many famous personalities logged. Check their logging book. You will be stunned!

Greek Food, eggplants, meetballs and potatoes Greek Food, eggplants, meetballs and potatoes

50. Atreus Treasury

Plan a visit to Mycenae to admire Agamemnon’s Tomb, the most impressive and largest of the well preserved tholos tombs built in 1250 BC


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51. Archaeological site of Corinth

Acquire extra archaeological knowledge by visiting the ruins of Corinth, only 100 kilometers from Athens. Appreciate the beautiful acropolis of the Acrocorinth.

52. Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa

Select the island of Amorgos as your next destination to visit this white masterpiece build in a rock by Alexios Comnenus I in 1017 AC.

53. Athens Metro Antiquities

Strolling around Athens? Check the metro stations. Antiquities everywhere, waiting to be seen.

Unknown Soldier Monument, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece. Evzones, Greek National Guard, where to go in Greece Unknown Soldier Monument, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece. Evzones, Greek National Guard

54. Navagio beach, Zante

Share your pictures online of the famous shipwreck of the Ionian island of Zante, after enjoying the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.

55. Tourlitis Lighthouse Andros

Write a fantasy novel being stimulated by this lighthouse which could be the perfect wizard’s tower, off the coast of the port of the Aegean island of Andros, first built in 1897.

56. Antikythera mechanism

Solve the mystery of this ancient device that is kept at the Archaeological Museum of Athens and help the scientists find all its uses.

57. Cape Matapan Caves, Laconia entrance to Hades

Learn everything about the ancient after death trip of the soul being on a guided tour inside these mystic caves in South-East Peloponnese.

Belle Helene Restaurant, Mycaene Belle Helene Restaurant, Mycaene

58. Vatheia houses, Laconia

Experience the unique beauty of the almost abandoned city with the tower houses that look like spikes on an iguana’s back

59. Aeropolis

Learn everything about the Greek Revolution in its birthplace, the city of Ares, the ancient god of war.

60. Necromanteion of Ephyra

Listen to the only known oracle of the dead, devoted to Hades and Persephone, where the door to Hades was supposed to be, in Epirus, by using you imagination.

61. Mount Athos

Take the special permit you need to enter the Orthodox sacred mountain. Let your spiritual journey begin.

Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion, Attica

62. Pythagoras cave, Samos

Do maths or geometry mean anything to you? Then Samos, Pythagoras island, is the place you have to see.

63. Akrotiri town, Santorini

Close your eyes inside the archaeological site, just for a moment and imagine how everybody left the place, just before the huge vulcanic explosion.

64. Phaistos Disc

Try to decode the writing on this disc found on the island of Crete and reveal the secrets of the long lost civilization.

65. Cycladic Art Museum, Goulandris

Test your knowledge on the Cycladic art or simply admire and appreciated the unique ancient artifacts coming from islands of the Aegean Sea.

Charioteer of Delphi Charioteer of Delphi

66. Gennadius Library, Athens

Expand your knowledge on the Greek tradition and culture by reading some of the 120,000 books, rare bindings, archives and manuscripts of this library that was built by Joannes Gennadius in 1926.

67. Lion of Kea

Observe the smiley stone statue of the mythical lion that almost destroyed the island of Kea, close to Athens, made in 600 BC.

68. Lakki Cinema

Question the beauty of this pale rounded building, a fine example of the architecture inspired by Mussolini’s vision for a fascist Mediterranean utopia on the island of Leros.

69. Frangokastello Castle

Drive 13 km from Sfakia, in Crete, to see this Venetian castle and the settlement and if you are lucky enough, the legendary ghosts of Drosoulites.

Delphi, Athena's temple Delphi, Athena’s temple

70. Bourtzi, Nauplion

Complet your visit in Nauplion, the first capital of Greece after the Revolution, by visiting this fortress on a tiny island that has also served as a prison.

71. Chrisopigi Monastery, Sifnos

Verify the miracles that take place every year during the pilgrimages at this monastery with the exquisit architecture, built in 1650 AD, dedicated to Virgin Mary, the patron saint of the island of Sifnos

72. Kaisariani Monastery, Athens

Once in Athens, a visit to this monastery built on mount Hymettus on an ancient site dedicated to goddess Aphrodite is recommended. Appreciate the frescoes, the bath house built in the 11th century AD and the refectory.

73. Sulphur Mine in Paliorema

Evaluate the disused mine of Victor Melas, Theioryheia, on Milos island that was mining Sulphur from 1890 to1978 and then swim while looking at the yellowish pebbles colored by Sulphur.

Ios Island, entering the port, what to do in Greece Ios Island, entering the port

74. Thision open air cinema

Escape completely by watching a movie in this legendary cinema next to the Acropolis and get the chance to admire this illuminated Unesco protected monument in all its glory during the brake.

75. Nisiros Volcano

Experience the magic of being close to an active volcano, part or the Volcanic Arch of the Aegean Sea, on the small island of Nisiros, near Rhodes.

76. Anavatos, Chios

Target this Byzantine tower-village as your next destination built on a large granite rock at the end of a cliff, famous for the Independence wars in 1821.

77. Ladadika, Thessaloniki

Be entertained at this rather recently modified area in the co-capital of Greece where bars, cafes and night clubs accommodate the elite of the city every day.

Ios Island, down-town Ios Island, down-town

78. Astypalea castle

Get motivated by the beauty of this castle built in 1204 on a hill of the island of Astypalea by the Venetian John Querini, made by black stones, contrasting the white washed houses.

79. Chania, Venetian lighthouse

Judge the extraordinary architecture of this lighthouse, originally built by the Venetians in the 16th century. The jewel of this Cretan city took its final minaret form during the Egyptian period between 1831 and 1841.

80. Kastro of Skiathos

Built on the North of Skiathos to protect the inhabitants of its capital from the pirates that were harassing the island in the 14th century, this castle – city can only be reached by boat. Achieve to climb on the steep path of 1800 meters to take panoramic pictures of the churches and the region .

81. Heptapyrgion Castle, Thessaloniki

Manage to visit this castle built in the 14th century by the Byzantines as the base of their army. Nowadays it is called the acropolis of Thessaloniki.

Ios Island from Chora, vacation in Greece Ios Island, down-town

82. Hosios Loukas Monastery

Discover the frescoes and mosaics of this monastery, built between the 10th and the 11th century AD, protected by Unesco, one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture and art that is still functioning today.

83. Great Meteoron Monastery, Kalambaka

Be determined to go all the way up the monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ, the oldest and largest of all the monasteries of Meteora. Founded in the middle of the 14th century, it serves as the main museum for visitors.

84. Ekatontapiliani Cathedral, Parikia, Paros

Outline the uniqueness of the Byzantine church complex built in 326 AD by the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, Saint Helen, consisting of a main chapel, two more chapels and a baptistery.

85. Monastery of Arkadi, Rethymnon

Examine its church built in the 16th century, influenced by the Renaissance. Situated on a fertile plateau, the monastery is well fortified and played a significant role during the Cretan Revolt of 1866 against the Ottomans.

Ios Ios

86. Varlaam Monastery, Kalambaka

Focus on the wall-painting attributed to Frago Catelano of this monastery, founded by Hossios Varlaam in the 14th century. This second biggest monastery’s of Meteora old refectory has been turned into a museum where Renaissance icons and holy vestments of priests are kept.

87. Agia Sophia, Thessaloniki

Study this imposing church, protected by Unesco, having a history of more than 1,600 years. Converted into a mosque during the Ottoman invasion, it is an architectural masterpiece with beautiful wall paintings and elaborate mosaics.

88. Palamidi Castle, Nauplion

Arrange a visit to this huge stone-made castle, built by the Venetians in 1714 and try to climb the 999 steps that will also lead you to a panoramic view of the Argolic Gulf.

89. Monolithos castle, Rhodes

Compare this castle in the municipality of Attavyros, built on top of a 100m tall rock in 1870 by the Knights of Saint John with the rest of the castles of the island. There is a working chapel of Saint Pantaleon inside it.

Monemvasia castle Monemvasia castle

90. Nafpakos venetian castle

Publicize the pictures you’ll take of the imposing castle of Nafpaktos where the famous sea-battle took place.

91. Angelokastro, Corfu

Encourage your friends to come with you to the former capital of Corfu, from 1387 to the end of the 16th century that was surrounded by this ‘Castle of the Angel’, built on top of the highest peak of the island .It also served as a shelter for the local peasant population and never fell despite frequent sieges.

92. Methoni castle

Experiment by living for some days in Methoni, in one of the tower-houses overlooking the sea, surrounded by this Venetian very well preserved castle. Live your own myth in a fairy tail city of the past.

93. Palace of the grand master of the knigts of Rhodes

Accomplish your mission in Greece by visiting this breathtaking Venetian Palace that remained intact after all those years. Find the secrets of all its rooms and let your imagination free.

Monemvasia castle, view from Monemvasia castle, view from

94. Castello del Molo, Heraklion Crete

Support the performances that take place during the summer in this Venetian castle, Koules, situated at the entrance of the old harbor. This huge 2 floored building that was initially made to house captains and as a warehouse for food and ammunition, became a prison during the Ottoman occupation.

95. The virgin of Panteli castle, Leros

Detect Byzantine fortifications of the 10th or the 11th century AD while being in this Venetian castle built by the Knights of Saint John in 1204, dedicated to Virgin Mary.

96. Castle of Kavala

Decide to spend one day in the castle of this North-East Greek city that was reconstructed by the Ottomans in 1425. Try to find the defensive wall built in the 5th century BC and the Byzantine wall built between 1307 and 1308 to protect Kavala from the Catalans.

97. Niokastro, Pylos castle

Explore Niokastro or New Navarino was built by the Ottomans in 1573 to guard the passage of the natural port of Pylos. This well-preserved castle has two entrances and six towers.

Monemvasia castle, Peloponnese Monemvasia castle, Peloponnese

98. Koroni castle

Show interest in the Frankish – Venetian castle of the 13th century in southwest Peloponnese overlooking the gulf of Messinia, built on the ancient acropolis of Aisini and on the 6th or 7th century Byzantine fortress.

99. Platamonas castle

Master you knowledge about castles! Not far away from Larissa in central Greece on a hill very close to the National Street, this magnificent Venetian castle attracts the interest of everyone overlooking Platamonas river, the fertile valley and the deep blue of the sea.

100. Molivos Castle

Once on the famous island of Lesvos, derive a lot of useful pieces of information on Byzantine architecture from this castle, built to protect the locals against the Ottoman and Frankish invasions with reddish brown trachyte, having three gates.


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101. New fortress, Corfu

Climb up the hill of Saint Mark to admire this Venetian castle that has got British buildings inside it. Nowadays it houses art exhibits, collections and social events.

Monemvasia, inside the castle Monemvasia, inside the castle

102. Walk around Plaka

If you are in Athens, you should not omit to walk around the old area of Plaka just next to the Acropolis to admire the picturesque houses. Beautiful shops with extraordinary souvenirs, clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry are there for your shopping therapy.

103. Hermes by Praxiteles, Olympia

Get dazzled by the extrem beauty of the statue of Hermes, made by the famous ancient sculptor, Praxiteles, in the museum of Olympia.

104. Chora Amorgos

Explore the medieval mountain capital of this Aegean island 400 meters from the surface of the sea, surrounded by windmills and light a candle in the old church of Kera Leouse (Lady of Mercy.)

105. Anafiotika, Athens

Do not leave Athens without passing by this old village situated on the hill underneath the Acropolis. Have an idea on how the capital of Greece was a couple of centuries ago and take rare pictures of the small houses and the tiny streets and panoramic ones of all the city. “

” ” Alley in Mykonos Alley in Mykonos

106. Nafpaktos old port

Spend 10-15 minutes to walk around this Venetian port where time seems to have stopped. Have your camera ready to capture the beauty of the statue of ‘Cervantes’ and the monuments commemorating the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

107. Mount Lycabettus

Use the rack railway to visit the second famous hill of the Greek capital with the church of Saint George and to enjoy your coffee at the café overlooking the whole city.

108. Pyrgi, Chios

Plan a trip to the painted village, 25 kilometers from the capital of this Aegean island. Admire the decoration of the houses consisting of black and white motives in different shapes.

109. Nauplion Promenade

Walk along the narrow cobbled streets of the first capital of modern Greece. Look for the old churches and the place where the first Prime Minister of the country was assassinated.

Mykonos Island Mykonos Island

110. Epidaurus theatre, Argolis

Buy tickets for an ancient tragedy for the ancient Epidaurus theatre with the superb acoustics, 100 kilometers far from the capital and feel the magic of this place.

111. Souda bay war cemetery

Look for this unique cemetery if you are in Crete, near Chania, honoring the soldiers of the Commonwealth who died on this island during World War I and II.

112. Starvos Niachos Foundation Cultural Centre

A walk around this huge cultural centre with the imposing architecture, located on the Delta of P. Faliron, very close to the city is a must. You can ice skate or sail for free, admire the botanical gardens, visit exhibitions, read rare books, attend seminars or even watch an opera or a classical ballet performance.

113. Arta’s Bridge

Book an excursion to Epirus. Take a picture of this legendary bridge on the river and listen carefully to its story. According to the myth, the foreman had to sacrifice his wife so that the bridge could be built after a lot of years of unfortunate attempts.

Streets of Mykonos, Greece Streets of Mykonos, Greece

114. Rio Antirio Bridge

Observe the new suspension bridge that was built with German plans, near Patras that joins Peloponnese with Central Greece and makes the journey a lot faster.

115. Giorgos Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus

If you love football, you must watch a game at the stadium of the famous team of Olympiakos, the thrill of Piraeus.

116. German War Cemetery, Maleme, Crete

Meditate in this war cemetery near the village of Maleme where all these young German soldiers who tried to capture the airport base of the allies are buried.

117. Panathenaic Stadium

Feel the magnitude of the first Olympic Games held in Athens in 1886, sat on one of the marble seats of this stadium

Mykonos Island Mykonos Island

118. White Tower, Thessaloniki

Organize a tour of the co-capital and take a selfie in front of this tower made of stone, the landmark of the city.

119. Bridge of Chalkis

Decide to spend a day in the capital of the island of Evia. Film its famous Evripus bridge when it opens for a ship to pass through.

120. British cemetery

Wonder why so many souls have to die during wars while visiting the British cemetery in Kalamaki, near Athens, where only names of the Commonwealth soldiers are carved on the stone markers.

121. Trikala Fort

Roam around this 6th century AD fort that Justine I built on the ancient acropolis of Trikke. Take a picture of the clock on the 17th century tower built by the Turks that is the symbol of the city.

Little Venice at Mykonos Little Venice at Mykonos

122. Drapano Bridge Argostolion

Sing along with the native Cephallonians, accompanied by their guitars a ‘cantada’ on the old bridge of Drapano, under the moonlight, on a warm summer night.

123. Venetian castel Kythira

Observe the Ionian, the Aegean and the Cretan Sea from the top of this castle called the ‘Fortezza’, built in the 13th century by the Venetians.

124. Fonias Gorge, Samothrace”

Enter this beautiful gorge, 700 metres above the level of the sea, on this North Aegean island,located at Klidi. Be amazed by the cascades and walk all the way to the sea, near Fonias tower.

125. Cofru Donkey Rescue

Help old, abused or injured donkeys survive and live in decency by donating some money to the organization based in Paleokastritsa on this Ionian island.

Mykonos old port Mykonos old port

126. Arcturos Brown bear sanctuary

Persuade all your friends to protect the Greek bears that are close to extinction after visiting this sanctuary close to Kastoria in Macedonia

127. Kerkini lake

Look for water buffalos, pink flamingos and beavers around this artificial lake close to Serres in Northern Greece, while going on a boat trip and learn how and why this lake was created by attending a short seminar in the village nearby.

128. Kourtaliotiko gorge, Plakias

Pay a visit to the southern coast of Crete to walk along the gorge where Kourtaliotiko river is situated, also known as Asomatos gorge and finish your journey near the town of Plakias.

129. National Marine Park of Alonissos

Get amazed by the largest marine park in Europe established in 1992 on this Aegean island, mainly for the protection of the monk seal but also for the rare fauna and flora of the region.

Naxos castle Naxos castle

130. Sea Turtle Rescue centre, Glyfada

Help the injured sea turtles at this sanctuary in Glyfada, 9 kilometres from Athens and learn why these ancient creatures are menaced by our civilization.

131. Biotopoi nature park, Rethymnon

Have the chance to see 220 species of plants and 50 species of animals in this Cretan park. Local trees, flowers, aromatic and therapeutic herbs, vegetables, decorative wild flowers, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and birds, as well as, tropical animals, iguanas, snakes and tortoises live peacefully here.

132. Old Venetian harbour, Chania

Arrive when the sun sets at the Venetian harbour, the pride of this Cretan city, forget all your problems and pretend that you are living in another era.

133. Old Port of Naoussa

‘Enjoy a quiet escape at this charming, old, picturesque and imposing port of the Aegean island of Paros and then try one of the many traditional restaurants.

Naxos Island, the Cyclades Naxos Island, the Cyclades

134. Flisvos Marina

Walk along the new marina of Flisvos ,in Paleo Faliron, only 8 kilometres far from the centre of Athens. Admire the luxurious yachts, look at the fish, have an ice-cream at a café and visit the recently-restored Neraida ship- museum for free.”

135. Edessa waterfalls

Opt for a trip to Northern Greece, to see these playful waterfalls. Take pictures of them in the night when they are illuminated with different colours. Do not forget to visit the Museum of Water and learn a lot about what was happening in this city before its modernization.

136. Neda waterfalls, Kyparissia

Experience the hidden paradise in Southern Peloponnese. Waterfalls in the middle of a local ‘Amazon forest’ enchanting even the most demanding tourist.

137. Papingo Rock pools, Papingo

Swim in the exquisite natural ponds of Papingo in Central Greece, surrounded by small waterfalls and bizarre rock formations and then visit the two picturesque and enchanting villages of the area.

Naxos Naxos

138. Polymnio waterfalls, Messenia region

Uncover one of the best kept secrets of Greece. Trek through the woods in this region of Peloponnese, dive off the cliffs into the natural pools and swim without being disturbed in this divine place.

139. Potami waterfalls, Kalovassi, Samos

Relax in this oasis on the Aegean island. Listen to the water falling while the birds are singing, close your eyes and try to find peace.

140. Vikos gorge, Epirus

Read the Guiness Book Of Records and find that the deepest canyon of the world in proportion to its width is Vikos in Northern Greece, in the mountain range of Pindos, with a length of 20 kilometres, a depth ranging from 450 to 1,600 meters and a width ranging from a few to 400 meters.

141. Smaria Gorge, Sfakia Crete

Follow the example of millions of tourists who have managed to walk along this famous gorge in Northern Crete. Be sure that you are fit and well equipped as the journey is long. When back home, brag about your achievement.

Naxos down-town market Naxos down-town market

142. Gorge of the Dead, Kato Zakros

Catch your breath above this gorge towering over to a height of 350 meters that starts at the village of Zakros in East Crete and ends up next to the Minoan Palace at Kato Zakros. It took this name because of the Minoan cave burials found in it.

143. Kotsifou canyon, Rethymnon

Drive between these narrow and steep cliffs of southern Crete. This gorge is noted for the high number of Cretan endemic plant species that grow there. Capture their unique beauty with your camera and locate the lake the villages of this area get their water from.

144. Topolia Gorge, Chania

Dare hiking down this gorge, located in the area of Kissamos. You will start your journey from the village of Topolia and after 1,500 meters you will end up at a verdant valley, next to Koutsomatados village. It is fairly easy!

145. Philopappos Hill, Athens

Verify that there is a small forest in the heart of the capital of Greece with pine trees, on the Philopappos hill. Ask the locals to tell you stories about it and take a lot of panoramic pictures of the whole city.

Naxos Island port Naxos Island port

146. Cretaquarioum Gournes

Insist on visiting the Cretaquarium or Thalassocosmos near the city of Gournes in Crete. Operated by the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research and focusing on the marine fauna of the Mediterranean, it hosts over 250 species in more than 60 tanks.

147. Cofu aquarium

Film local and exotic fish life and caress some of the friendly reptiles of this aquarium of the Ionian island in Paleokastritsa. A fantastic experience of a life time for only 6 euros.

148. Naxos cedar forest

Admire the new forest of cedar trees on this Aegean island, 17,5 kilometres from the capital. The white sand of Alyko beach, the numerous dunes and the endless blue of the water, just in front of the forest, will remain carved in your memory for ever.

149. Gorge of Mili

Discover the abandoned villages of Ano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Mili and the 30 half fallen watermills while walking through the ever green gorge stretching along the river bed and appreciate the extraordinary flora and fauna.

Portara in Naxos Island Portara in Naxos Island, the Cyclades

150. Botanical park and gardens of Crete

Smell the endemic and imported flowers planted in the 20 hectares of this park. Fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants, Cretan fauna, wild birds, butterflies and farm animals along with a lake are here for you.


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Greek Trave Guide - Zeus guide

151. National garden of Athens

Praise Queen Amelia for having the bright idea of creating this magnificent garden next to the palace. A real oasis in the Greek capital full of very tall old trees from all over the world, flowers of different colours and green grass. Peacocks, ducks, hens, rabbits, kri-kri goats and parrots flying over your head will surprise you with no entrance fee.

152. Botanical Garden Diomedes, Chaidari, Athens

Check the opening hours of this garden, under the auspices of the University of Athens, located in the ever green forest of Chaidari, not far away from the centre of the city with the tall pine trees. Study the numerous local and foreign medicinal, aromatic and decorative plants it hosts and visit the Daphni monastery situated nearby.

153. Pozar thermal springs

Relax and get healed in these thermal springs in the city of Aridea, close to Edessa, in Northern Greece, surrounded by tourists from all over the world. A magical place surrounded by tall old trees with a river where you can also bathe in its hot waters.

Naxos at night Naxos at night

154. Aedipsos Thermal springs

Book a room in a luxurious spa hotel in Aedipsos, in the Northern part of the island of Evia. Let the healing waters take all your problems away and go back home rejuvenated and without any pain with the help of nature and science.

155. Embros therme, Kos

Get rid of your muscular pains by swimming in the Embros therme on the island of Kos, the same thermal springs Hippocrates, the great doctor and the father of modern medicine, was recommending to his patients.

156. Vikos National Park

Feel free in this national park on Pindos mountain range in Northern Greece, watered by Vikos river. Drink from its water that is bottled and is among the best mineral ones in the world. If you are lucky, you may see bears, foxes, wolves, deer,birds of pray and other wild animals, as well as local reptiles and insects.

157. Harriet’s Hydra horses

Look for a true action adventure by riding on one of Harriet’s trekking horses. Originally British, Harriet has been living on this posh island that is so close to Athens since she was 10 and can arrange for you whatever itinerary you wish riding on her well behaved horses, combining fun, exercise and tour guiding.

Naxos, by the port Naxos, by the port

158. Santo Horse Riding

Try this riding club in Akrotiri, on the famous island of Santorini, near the archaeological site and the Red beach, founded by two brothers with love and respect to the horses. Have the opportunity of having lessons on how to ride a horse and then to see unique landscapes that can only be reached by horse, thanks to the provided organized tours.

159. Santorini Volcano

Step on the active volcano of the small island of Kameni, close to the cosmopolitan island, by using a little boat. Climb all the way up to the top and see Santorini from a different angle. Observe the different colours of the stones ranging from pitch black to vivid yellow and the smoke that is coming from the centre of the Earth. Then swim in the hot spots in the sea. “

160. Enjoy the Attica Zoological Park

A great idea for entertaining children and for all those who love animals is this zoo, at Spata, very close to the Athens Airport. Mammals, reptiles, insects, fish and birds from all over the planet are there for you in an area surrounded by vineyards and olive trees.

161. Amazing Athens City Scenic Bike Tour

Combine site seeing with an expert guide of the Greek capital with exercise. Wear proper shoes and clothes and ride on a bike avoiding traffic jams.

Ancient Olympia Ancient Olympia

162. Try the Athens Coastal Bike Tour

Are you passionate with cycling? Then join this tour to cycle through unique paths joining the southern suburbs of the Athenian Riviera. Sandy beaches, pine and eucalyptus trees, beautiful flowers, bushes and magnificent houses will attract your attention.

163. Romantic Athens By Night Tour

Live the magic of the night while going on this city tour. Have the chance to see the ancient ruins illuminated in all their glory. Get dazzled by the different lights of the shops of the streets and focus on what makes you feel relaxed.

164. Vote for a Jeep safari in Crete

Hire a 4X4 Jeep to be able to go to the most remote parts of the biggest island of Crete. Cross forests, admire lakes, rivers and gorges and swim where no one else has ever swam before.

165. Hike on Menalon Trail Dimitsana

The 75 kilometres of this trail are divided into 8 parts and give the hiker the opportunity to walk in one of the most beautiful Greek landscapes on the mountains of Arcadia in Peloponnese.

Santorini Island, Phyra Santorini Island, Fyra

166. Elitistic Wine Adventure in Santorini

Taste Santorini’s extraordinary wines on a wine tour of this cosmopolitan island. Appreciate the unique tastes and colors due to the vulcanic soil.

167. Skiing on Helmos

Not too far away from the capital, this mountain is a good idea for those who love skiing and are based in Southern Greece. A visit to Kalavrita, followed by a good meal in a local tavern is a must.

168. Amazing Mt Pelion

Ideal for weekends or longer vacations with lots of greenery and picturesque villages, this mountain near the port of Volos has something for every traveller. Ride on the small steam train passing by the villages where the ancient centauruses were living, being half men – half horses.

169. Hike all the Skaros Rock, Imerovigli

It is worth hiking all the way up to Skaros, the old capital of Santorini, to see the remains of the old Venetian Castle that was never conquered but was destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century. Your journey will start from Imerovigli. Enjoy the deep blue of the sea once you reach the top.

The Parthenon, Athens The Parthenon, Athens

170. Volunteer in Gerakas Bay, Zante

Help the biologists protect the careta-careta sea turtle in this magnificent-probably the best of this Ionian island- sandy beach where these animals are nesting.

171. Posh Skiing on Mt. Parnassus

If you are in Athens in the winter, you love skiing and following fashion, this mountain, not too far away from the capital, is a must for skiers who want to see and to be seen. An overnight or just a stroll in the streets of the nearby city, Arachova, will be the cherry on the cake.

172. Explore Mt. Taygetos

Go hiking or trekking following one of the many paths of this mountain in Peloponnese, passing by beautiful gorges, forests and villages and solve the mystery that is surrounding it about being a pyramid and not a real mountain.

173. Swim at Elafonissos beach

After a five hours drive from Athens, you will reach this island in Peloponnese, in the Laconian Gulf, with the turqoise waters, calling you to swim without spending any more time.

The Caryatids, Acropolis The Caryatids, Acropolis

174. Unusual Kleftiko beach, Milos

A gorgeous beach with impressive rock formations, only reached by sea by excursion boats, with natural caves and admiring geological phenomena, is waiting for you on this Aegean island.

175. Amazing Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Long horizontal volcanic rocks bent by the sea, erroded by time and salt water, having huge hollows over them with no signs of vegetation, forming a lunar landscape surrounded by vivid turquoise waters is what this beach is famoud of.

176. Attractive Porto Timoni Beach Afionas

Northwest of the island of Corfu there is Porto Timoni, a double beach near Afionas village, where a harbour with a fortress was built in the ancient years. It can only be reached by two narrow paths, starting by the nearby villages, covered by large stones.

177. Extraordinary Manganari beach, Ios

23 kilometres south of Chora, this sandy beach with crystal clear waters is located, remote and peaceful, offering calm swimming and snorkelling. This is where the movie ‘Le Grand Bleu’ was filmed, due to the quality of the water and the gorgeous scenery.

Herodus Atticus Thatre Herodus Atticus Thatre

178. Spectacular Balos lagoon, Kissamos

Close to the small scenic town of Kissanos of Chania county, in Crete, this lagoon forms a breathtaking landscape. Warm aquamarine sea, soft pale sand and a ruined Venetian castle on the small island of Gramvousa, capture the eyes of the visitors.

179. Learn the secrets of The Cave Of The Dragon, Kastoria

Discovered by chance by a bunch of local teenage boys, last century, it was named ‘the cave of the Dragon’ as mothers of the area were telling their children not to visit it because a dragon was guarding it. Marvellous stalagmites and stalactites are decorating this cave that has rather recently opened for the public.

180. Magnificent Sfentoni Cave, Zoniana

Located in central Crete, near Zoniana, in Rethymnon county, this cave surprises the tourists with its stalagmites and stalactites. It is considered to be one of the five best preserved caves in Greece and the best one in Crete.

181. Visit Voulismeni Lake, Agios Nikolaos

Located in the area of Agios Nikolaos, the popular beach resort of Crete, this lake is an important tourist attraction which often becomes the location of various celebrations, festivals and sporting events. Several souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes are close to the lake.

Benaki Museum Benaki Museum

182. The superb Diros Caves

Hold your breath while exploring these caves in South-Eastern Peloponnese, on a tiny boat that passes through different underground caves and tunnels with stalagmites and stalactites of unique beauty and various colors and shapes. An itinery to remember, embroidered by ancient myths!

183. Unbelievable Melissani Cave, Sami, Cephallonia

This marvel of nature, 6 kilometres from the picturesque port of Sami on the Ionian island of Cephallonia, is the most interesting site seeing of the whole island. An undergound lake up to some years ago that lost a part of its roof due to a strong earthquake will host you for an unforgettable journey by boat where the decor seems to come from the past and the waters are dark and frozen.

184. Hospitable Voidomatis river, Zagorohoria

Is rafting your favorite sport? Then Voidomatis river is what you are looking. Its sorces are just beneath the village of Vikos, the famous mineral water was named after. During your journey, you will come across old stone bridges and amazing forests.

185. Breathtaking Acheron Springs, Glyki

The ‘diamonds’ of Epirus, the Northwest part of Greece are undoubtedly the Acheron Springs where people that had just died where entering through special gates, guarded by the wild dog, Cerberus,into Ades-the other world.

Stoa Attalou, Athens, Ancient market Stoa Attalou, Athens, Ancient market

186. Artificial Lake Doxa, Feneos

Located close to ancient Feneos, 900 metres from the surface of the sea, with its blue -green waters, on the mountains near Corinth, surrounded by spruce trees, it is also called ‘the Corinthean Switzerland’ due to the resemblance of the landscape.

187. Mystical Acheron River, Parga

Parga is the end of the itinery of the river that was connected with the after life according to the Greek Mythology. This picturesque city in Epirus is visited by many tourists every year because of its nice beaches.

188. Feel free by the Prespes Lakes, Florina

Be bold to travel all the way up to the Greek borders to see these wonderful lakes. Protected by UNESCO, they host a big number of birds, animals and fish that are endangered and are surrounded by grass, tall trees and unique wild flowers.

189. Artificial Lake Plastira, Krioneri

Located 22 kilometres far from Krioneri village, in the county of Karditsa, it has become famous for its cycling races. Apart from cycling you can enjoy conoeing and cayaking, archery and hiking on the Belocomity forest special trails or go to the nearby skiing resort of Agrafa.

Athens Athens

190. Bird watch at Kastoria Lake,

Flamingos, ducks, swans, pelikans and lots of other birds will keep company to you here. Do not forget to visit the sunk neolithic settlement during your trip.

191. Charming Amoudi Bay, Oia

Descend the 300 steps from the northern city of Oia, in Santorini, to find the port of Amoudi, surrounded by striking red cliffs. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the fish taverns.

192. Spectacular Corinth Canal

This man-made passage, 6.4 km in length and only 21.4 m wide connecting the gulf of Corinth with the Saronic one, cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth. It was completed in 1893 but nowadays is of minor economic importance, mainly serving a touristic attraction.

193. Uncommonly beautiful Lake Pamvotis, Ioannina

Ioannina’s lake, Pamvotis, the largest lake of Epirus, is located 483 metres above the sea level in Ioannina. Its surface is 23 square km, its depth is 13 metres and its perimetre is 33 km.

Plaka district Plaka area

194. Dominant National Library of Athens

Built by the Danish architect Theo Hansen and funded by the Vallianos family in the mid-19th century, this neoclassical building’s simple beauty of Doric character is enhanced by Renaissance-style marble staircases.

195. Delicious Greek Cooking Lessons

Have you recently tasted moussaka, pastitsio, stuffed tomatoes, aubergines slippers or baklava and you fell in love with them? Do you want to be able to continue eating them back home? Why not attending cooking lessons especially given for tourists?

196. Famous Herod Atticus Odeon

Attend an ancient theatrical play, a dance performance or a music festival in the summer at this Roman open-air theatre below the Acropolis, donated to the city of Athens by Herod Atticus in memory to his late wife, Regilla and restored in the 1950s.

197. Relaxing Massage

Do you want to be pampered in Greece? Then you deserve at least a couple of massage sessions to relax your muscles and take your stress away. Prices start from only 10 Euros and you can also look for healing, orthopedic, aromatic, asian or anticellulite massage given by very well trained professionals.

view of the Erechtheion from Plaka view of the Erechtheion from Plaka

198. Traditional Hammam, Athens

This Turkish tradition can still be found in the center of the city for deep relaxation of the soul and cleansing of the body. Very good for the blocked pores of the skin and also for those who suffer from asthma.

199. Play in Sherlockedhomes Escape rooms, Athens

Follow the last trend and solve the mysteries in the brand new Escape rooms of the capital of Greece. Forget all your problems and play like a child to regain your calm and peace of mind.

200. Try an Athens Limo drive

You have been working hard and now you deserve something posh to make you feel special. What is better than a Limo drive around the city while holding a glass of sparkling champaign and eating exquisit caviar?


Greece Cultural Travel Guide
Greek Trave Guide - Zeus guide

201. Rare wine tasting

Did you know that there are lots of Greek wine producers that only sell to selected clients abroad their precious wines as they are produced in very small quantities? Now this is the time for you to taste such varieties and buy the ones you appreciated the most, to accompany you and to remind you of your vacations.

Athens down-town near Theision Athens down-town near Theision

202. Buy the ‘One day Cruise’ to Hydra, Poros and Aegina

A bright way to visit 3 islands close to Athens in only one day is this mini cruise sailing at around 8 o’ clock every morning from the marina of P. Faliro. It costs a lot less than buying single tickets, and a buffet meal and entertainment on board are included in the price. If you want, you can buy a hotel room on the island of Poros for one night and take the same boat back the next day.

203. Romantic Santorini night dinner cruise

Are you on your honeymoon or do you want to propose to your beloved one the best way you can? We suggest this cruise around the island and the volcano to connect the magic of the landscape with the magic of your love.

204. Surprising all day yacht sailing cruise to Aegina

Only 17 nautical miles from Piraeus, this island is better approached by yacht if you want to visit all its famous beaches like Agia Marina, Loutra Souvalas, Vayia, Marathonas and Aeginitissa. Combine entertainment with the ruins of the Temple of Aphaia that along with the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion and the Parthenon form an equilateral triangle.

205. The New Acropolis Museum

Get dazzled by one of the world’s most modern museums, inaugurated in 2009 that houses artifacts found on the ‘sacred rock’. Built directly over an archaeological site and supported by tall pillars, it enables visitors to see ruins through the translucent floors.

The Acropolis of Athens The Acropolis of Athens

206. Silversmithing Museum, Ioannina

This one of a kind museum explains in details how silver cups and jewelry were manifactured in Ioannina, the last big city close to the borders with Albania, that was thiving due to this industry during the years of the Ottoman occupation.

207. Athens National Museum, a Must

Don’t miss this archaeological museum that houses the most important artefacts from the Neolithic Era until the late Roman period. Statues from the Antikythera wreck, Agamemnon’s mask, the wall paintings of Thera, the Artemision Bronze, Nestor’s Cup and the Marathon Boy are just some of the treasures exhibited here.

208. The exciting Museum Of The Royal Tombs of Aigai, Vergina

Probably one of the most impressive museums on Earth, this museum was built exactly where the Royal tombs of Macaedonia were found. A low dome from outside with greenery on top and a couple of steps to enter this marvel where Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father was burried, close to the city of Verria!

209. The significant Heraclion Archaeological Museum

Based on the capital of the island of Crete, this museum houses artefacts and different ruins from the whole island and in particular from the palaces of Knossos and Phaestos that amaze every visitor.

Ancient columns, Haphaestus Temple Haphaestus Temple

210. Delphi Archaeological museum

Delphi’s treasues, statues, vases, coins, weapons and different gifts to the Oracle and the gods are housed in this very interesting museum at the belly button of the Earth, as the ancient Greeks used to call this sacret place.

211. Observe Bouboulina’s Museum, Spetses

Spend some time in Laskarina Bouboulina’s house to learn more about the great heroine of the war of Independence, her life, her role in the struggle for liberation, her sacrifices and her tragic death. See her personal items, old books, portaits, maps, replicas of ships, embroidery and a superb Florentine ceiling.

212. Chios and the unique Mastic Museum, Prygi

A museum where you can learn everything about the collection and the production of mastic is waiting for you at Prygi, on the Aegean island of Chios, home island of most of the Greek ship owners. Mastic trees are here for you to be admired and filmed.

213. Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki

Housing exhibits from the Neolithic Era from all places of Northern Greece, it is a museum everyone passing by the co-capital should visit to have a general view of the ancient Greek history.

Plaka, Greek "arhontiko" building Athens

214. Glorified Battleship Averof, Paleo Faliro

Initially serving the US fleet, this ship faught against the Germans during the World Wars. Because of its age, it is now used only for naval meetings, as it still is in a perfect condition. It is open for the public as a naval museum during specific hours of each day.

215. The interesting Numismatic Museum, Athens

Founded in 1834, this is one of the oldest public collections in the world, containing over than 500,000 coins and medals, dating from the 14th century BC until today. The building of this Museum served as the residence of Heinrich Schliemann, the renowned excavator of the ruins of Troy.

216. The imposing War Museum, Athens

This big museum in the centre of the city houses weapons from the neolithic age until today not only from Greece but also from all over the world. Dicomissioned airplanes are decorating its yard. Maps, old books, manuscripts, paintings and ammuniton of all sorts are on display.

217. Boldly hike Olympus up to Mytikas 2918m

A bright idea for those who are strong hikers is to reach this top with the help of a local guide. The holly mountain of the ancient Greeks is wellcoming the ones who want to find Zeus’s palace and to uncover the myths of the area.

Plaka Plaka, Athens

218. Sailing by catamaran-the ultimate fun

Escape completely by ”flying over the sea. Feel the Gs, feel young and alive under the blue sky and the warm Greek sun sailing from one island to the other with friends or family.

219. The unbelievable Crete Golf Club, Hersonissos

Is golf your favourite sport? Are you spending your vacations on the island of Crete? Then do not miss practicing your beloved sport at the Crete Golf Club in Hersonissos to have the time of your life.

220. Trendy Walking Tour Of Athens

Burn a lot of calories while being on the guided walking tour of the Greek capital. In this way you will be able to see everything, take numerous pictures, smell local flowers and trees and taste local products.

221. Do surf in Paros!

Is surfing your passion? Why not surfing on the waters of this Cycladic island where surfers from all over the world meet every year? Combine exercise with the beauty and the peace of this pictoresque island to have the best vacations ever!

Acropolis hill Acropolis hill

222. Marvellous diving in Greece

Discover remains of ancient ruins, ship wrecks, abandoned cities and villages covered by water while diving in Greece. Look for mediterranean fish, octapus, kalamari, star fish, urchins, sea shells and sponges.

223. Rent a bike- a wonderful idea

Are you in Greece willing to see as many sites as possible and at the same time to lose some weight? Renting a bike is the right solution for you. Wear your helmet and be very careful when crossing streets or cycling among cars.

224. Wonderful Drogarati Cave

If you are in Cephallonia, do not miss this cave, 6 kilometres from the port of Sami, close to Melissani cave. Ancient stalagmites and stalactites are wellcoming you to this underground paradise where the temperature is always a lot lower than the one of the surface combined with a lot of humidity.

225. Surpising Benaki Museum, Athens

This museum was donated to the Greek State in memory of Emmanuel Benakis, the Greek businessman born in Egypt who served as mayor of Athens. It displays collections covering all phases of Greek culture and is divided between the neoclassical building on Vassilissis Sophias Avenue and the ultramodern wing on Pireos Street which also houses an art restoration and conservation workshop, cultural events and temporary exhibitions.

Aerides, Athens Plaka area Aerides, Plaka area

226. Famous Red Beach, Santorini

Spend some time on this rather small beach, invaded by tons of tourists every summer, because of the reddish color of its sand due to the volcanic erruption of the past.

227. Capture Santorini’s sunset

Fall in love while gazing at this fascinating sunset, one of the best in the world. Let Eros, the flying god of love, mate you with your other half that could be there by chance.

228. Visit Skopelos and rehearse Mamma Mia

Is Mamma Mia one of your favourite movies? Then go to the Aegean island of Skopelos and ask the natives where the shootings took place. Pretend to be one of the casting actors and live your myth…

229. Party in Mykons

A party animal or not you deserve to have the ultimate fun in Mykonos, the island that never sleeps. Alone or with friends, you can go dancing from 3 in the evening till the morning among local and international celebrities.

The Greek parliament The Greek parliament

230. Drink in Little Venice, Mykonos

They call it Little Venice and they are right! A whole neighbourhood practically built on the sea! Choose one of the numerous cafes, bars or restaurants and have a drink gazing at the endless blue.

231. Elegant Sissi’s Palace, Achilleon Corfu

Once in Corfu, do not miss to visit the palace of Sissy, the beautiful Austrian Princess with the wonderful long hair, Frank’s wife. This palace was her sancturary, the place where she could find peace.

232. The mystic Monastery of the Apocalypse, Patmos

While visiting the small island of Patmos, go all the way up the hill to meditate at the monastery where Apostole John wrote his Apocalypse, one of the most obscure religious books.

233. Taste mezedes everywhere

Bits of meat, saussage or fish combined with feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and olives are called ‘mezedes’ and accompany a glass of retsina, ouzo, raki or beer when you go to drink something at a Greek tavern of cafe.

Acropolis metro station Acropolis metro station

234. Celebrate the Greek Easter

Plan your vacations around the Greek Easter to celebrate it with the natives. Eat roasted lamb, Greek salad and ‘tsoureki’ ( a type of sweet bread) and shake red died boiled eggs, wishing ‘Christos Anesti'(Jesus has resurrected).

235. Take part in the ‘Pirovassia’ in Northern Greece, St Helene Constantine

Be brave and walk on the burning charcoil following the mystical local tradition that has roots since the ancient years or simply watch the natives doing it.

236. Attend a Panigiri

According to the Greek tradition, the day before the name day of the patron saint of each church, there is a ‘panigiri’ to honor him or her. People gather at the church, light big canddles and lots of merchands put their merchandise on stalls around the block of the church, selling clothes, shoes, food, toys, cosmetics, food and tools.

237. Learn some Greek

Try to understand what the Greeks say and repeat the words and the phrases you want to learn, immitating the local pronunciation. There are plenty of books you can buy to learn the language and its grammar so that next time you come here you master the language.

Moni Dafniou, Athens Moni Dafniou, Athens

238. Dance syrtaki

Did you like the way Zorbas was dancing his famous ‘syrtaki’? Do not hesitate to try this beautiful dance even if you ‘have two left feet’. It is easy and nobody will judge you. You are here to have fun.

239. Try Ouzo, raki or tsipouro

If you love drinking alcoholic beverages, you must try these 3 reknown Greek products. They are tasty and very strong so drink in moderation.

240. Party in Athens

Athens, as most of the big cities in Greece, offers a great variety of entertainment covering all tastes. You can dance in big clubs listening to brand new american songs, in retro clubs or you can go to the ‘Bouzoukia’ where they play traditional Greek live music.

241. Go to a bakery and taste some greek bread

There are plenty of bakeries in Greece selling different types of bread, cookies, greek sweets and traditional pies, in very low prices that are really delicious.

Acropolis hill Acropolis hill

242. Have a ‘tyropita’

During staying in Greece, be sure that you eat at least one cheese pie, the number one pie in the country, made of filo and feta cheese and rather low in calories.

243. Watch a theatrical performance in Epidaurus

Not too far away from Athens, the ancient open-air theatre of Epidaurus, famous for its acoustics, mainly hosts ancient tragedies and comedies in the summer, under the starry sky,as well as, concerts and ballet performances. Combine the performance with good food at the local tavern and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

244. Museum Of The History of Greek costume

Inaugurated by the former minister of culture in 1988, this cultural gem houses costumes, jewellery and porcelain dolls with costumes and is situated at 7, Demokritou street, in Athens.

245. Watch the chaning of the guards in front of the Parliament

Stand next to the Evzones guards wearing the traditional costumes who seem frozen in time, in defence to the fallen.

Lycabetus hil, Athens Lycabetus hil, Athens

246. Visit the modern Agora, Athens’ central market and stroll around

Walk around the centre of the city and especially along Ermou street or Kolonaki to buy trendy clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

247. Have a ‘bougatsa’ (Greek sweat pie stuffed with cream and cinammon) in Psiri square

Traditionally from Thessaloniki, the bougatsa is a pie that satisfies the taste and combines proteins with cereals and sweet. Enjoy it sat at a cafe on the picturesque Psiri square.

248. Bargain at the Flea market of Monastiraki

Look for ‘treasues’ like antiques at this flea market. Buy old records, books and pieces of furniture close to the mosque and the catholic chapel or find cheap brand new clothes.

249. Stroll along Piraeus Long Walls

Once the major military harbour of the Ancient Greek Republic, Piraeus, was very well fortified due to the long walls that were surrounding it. Start from Piraiki, pass by Mikrolimano, Passalimani and Kastella and take pictures of these famous walls.

Plaka area, Athens Plaka area, Athens

250. Imposing columns of the Temple of Zeus, Athens

Take pictures in front of the remains of this temple, North-east of the Acrpolis, built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, marking the entrance to the eastern section of the city.

251. National observatory of Athens

On the top of a hill in the North-Eastern suburbs of Athens, the observatory is waiting for you every evening to observe the sky covering this big city and to solve the mysteries of the Universe.

252. Amazing animals of Moni Island

Get on an 8-minute boat ride from the little boat of Perdika, on the island of Aegina and come across deer, wild goats, peacocks and squirrels that you can hand feed. Afterwards enjoy the sandy beach, swim in the deep waters.

253. Visit Aegina Fistiki (Pistachio) Fest

Come the the island of Aegina in September and walk along the shore where 60 stalls and kiosks are set up selling pistachio, the national product of the island. You can also buy local honey, cheese, ceramics, lace and hand-made jewellery, taste delicious dishes based on pistachio, listen to traditional singing accompanied by dancing, attend lectures and watch theatrical plays.

Plaka area, Athens, Church Orthodox Chruch at Plaka, Athens

254. Unique Wildlife Hospital

About 10 minutes far from the harbour of Aegina, on a remote area on the road to Agia Marina, this hospital taking care of wild animals and birds from all over Greece has been built. Blessed species-endangered or not-are treated by vets and volunteers who have dedicated all their free time to our wild friends.

255. Beautiful Tower of Marcello

While exploring the narrow streets of the island of Aegina, you will come across this Venetian tower. Take a picture in front of it to remind you of the island then visit the Folklore Museum.Finish your day by renting a bicycle to cycle all the way to Perdika or with a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

256. Do not miss the Miaouleia

This significant festival held each year on the Saturday closest to June 21st on Hydra, is honouring the memory of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis who was living on this cosmopolitan island. It is the culmination of three days of events commemorating this important personality of the War of Independance. A re-enactment of the Battle of Gerontas, the burning of the replica of a Turkish frigate with stunning firework displays, concerts, plays, exhibitions and traditional dancing are part of the festivities.

257. Unforgettable Good Friday on Hydra

If you are planning to spend your Easter vacations in Greece, be sure that you include the island of Hydra in your plans. Take part in the wonderful procession, the maritime take on the traditional Epithaphios when the bier of the crucified Christ winds through the streets of the island. Listen to the prayers chanted by sailors and sponge divers so that the waters of the sea get blessed.

Flea market, Monastiraki Flea market, Monastiraki

258. The magical Fonissa Waterfall-Kythera

Escape completely by visiting this waterfall near the village of Mylopotamos, a real oasis. Then continue to the old water mills and the Agias Sophias Cave with stalagmites, stalactites and stones of many different colours, a few miles outside the village. Finally an excursion to the mountain villages in Karavas will amaze the water-enthusiasts with the Amir Ali Spring.

259. Appealing buildings of Kythera

This island with the enchanting beaches has some very interesting buildings, as well. The Venetian Castle of Hora and the medieval village of Messa Vourgo with churches and fine old houses set in cobbled yards are idea for strolling around and through the narrow streets.

260. British constructions on Kythera

Learn the story of the bridge of thirteen arches built by the British governor, Mackwell, so that he could see the girl he had fallen in love with from the village of Katouni frequently in 1826. Take pictures of the 25 metres Moudari Lighthouse build in 1857 and climb all the way to the top.

261. Nostalgic Antikythera

Spend a couple of days on this small island to see the watermill at Potamos from the early 19th century. Visit the Apolytara Lighthouse built in 1926, the fortifications of Xiropotamos with ancient and medieval remains, the Sanctuary of Apollo and the ancient harbour, as well as, the Aigila archaeological site.

plaka area Plaka area, around the Acropolis

262. A romantic walk through the Lemonodasos-Poros

This large lemon grove at Galatas, on the island of Poros, started being planted in 1840. Its 30,000 lemon trees, many natural springs and watermills have inspired numerous writers and artists and why not you?

263. The Doric Temple of Poseidon-Poros

Dive out to see the remains of this temple and to enjoy spectacular views. Admission is free.

264. Famous Methana Springs- Methana

Get healed in Methana, one of the most famous spa towns in Greece, with 25 sulphur springs. As the product of volcanic activity, Methanas hot water springs like the Spring of Pausanias with sulphurous water and a temperature of 29,5 degrees Celcius and the saltwater spring of Agios Nikolaos, are recommended for gynaecological and skin problems, rheumatism, ailments and arthritis and are also beneficial for beauty.

265. Explore the volcano- Methana

The Methana peninsula was formed by the eruption of a volcano between 276 and 239 BC. More than 30 volcanic craters have been found, the most impressive of which is above the village of Kameni Hora, with a diameter of 100m and a depth of 40-50 m. Observe the lava just a few yards above the first houses and safely walk up to the crater of the no longer active volcano, part of the Volcanic Arch of the Aegean.

plaka ara, carpet seller Plaka area, Athens

266. Breathtaking Troezen

Troezen is situated in the Argolid peninsula, in the Peloponnese, 180 km from Athens and is famous for the archaeological sites of the defence tower known as the Palace of Theseus, the Sanctuary of Hippolytus, the Asclepeion, the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite of the Heights and the natural bridge Diavologefyro carved in the rock. Visit the area in December to see white swans in Lake Psifta, a shallow lagoon.

267. Unforgettable Horse-riding in Salamina

Ride on a horse through the islands pine forests, pass by the two wind mills built in the 18th century, come across old churches and pray at the famous monastery of Panayia Faneromeni with the important relegious paintings, built in the 17th century.

268. The important Cave of Euripides-Salamina

Located close to Peristeria Bay, it was the retreat of the great tragic poet where he could be left in peace to write. Complete your visit by admiring the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Salamina that houses finds from this cave along with from other digs conducted around the island.

269. The spectacular Armata Festival-Spetses

Opt to visit the port of the island of Spetses on the first Saturday after September 8th every year, to be able to take part in the festivities of the Armata to commemorate the naval battle of Spetses that took place September 8th, 1822. The burning of a replica of the Turkish flagship surrounded by spectacular firework display, cultural events like concerts, exhibitions of paintings and photographs and theatrical and dancing performances are part of the events.

Haphaestus Temple, Greece vacation Haphaestus Temple

270. Impressive Ancient Agora-Athens

This administrative and trade centre of the city since the 6th century BC, inhabited since the prehistoric times, is housing a multitude of public buildings, both secular and sacred, many of which remain as ruins today.

271. Interesting Kerameikos

Kerameikos area took its name from potters (Keramei) who had their workshops nearby. It extends over the area to the west of the Ancient Agora, including the ancient principal cemetery of the city. Pay attention at the double -arched Dipylon Gate, built in the Themistocleian wall.

272. Famous Tumulus of Marathon

This burial mound is the resting place of the 192 Athenians that fought in the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC and defeated the Persians. It is also the starting point of the Marathon race, held annualy in memory of the messanger Phidippides, who ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens, bearing the good news of the victory and died of exhaustion soon thereafter.

273. Enchanting Vravronian Artemis

Amidst an amazing wetland, the sacret site of Vravrona reminds us of the mystical ceremonies of ancient Greece. People were coming here to drink the holy water from the spring near the Temple of Artemis. Inhabited since the Neolithic age, Vravrona was one of the first settlements to be united under King Theseus. Do not forget to visit the museum with its amazing exhibits and then swim in the warm shallow waters, just some metres far away.

Cape Sounion, columns of the temple Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion. A must visit landmark in Greece!

274. Eleusis-the town of mysteries

Famous for the cult of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, as well as for the Mysteries having to do with life after death, Eleusis, the birthplace of Aeschylus, the father of Greek tragedy, is the paradise of ancient ruins. The Small and Great Propylaea, the Sacred Field, the Telesterion, the Triumphal Arches and the Mycenaean manor are only some of them.

275. Interesting National Museum of Contemporary Art

Admire paintings, drawings, sculptures, video and audio works and online art by contemporary Greek and international artists, in the imposing environment of the recently restored building on the site of a former brewery.

276. Surprising Foundation of the Hellenic World

Improve your knowledge on the Greek history and tradition, in this former industrial building, covering 65,000 square metres, with the recently added Tholos that houses a virtual-reality theatre and auditorium.

277. Modern Onassis Cultural Centre

Attend an event or participate in an art activity having to do with theatre, dance, music, virtual arts or writting. The museum focuses on contemporary cultural expression, supporting Greek artists and is trying to promote international collaboration and lifelong learning.

Delos Island, a must visit while your vacations in Greece Shrine at Delos Island

278. Athens Concert Hall

Megaron Moussikis, as it is called in Greek, has been hosting symphonic orchestras, operas, ballet, classical drama and bouzouki music since 1991 in its 4 performance halls, and concert garden.

279. Hellenic Childrens Museum- a novelty

Bring your children to this neoclassical building, to appreciate art through creative play, to respect the environment, to interact with each other and to be entertained.

280. Imposing Panathenaic Stadium

Built between two hills, this stadium was intended to honour Godddess Athena and the Panathenaic Games. Sit on one of the marble seats and image watching the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 along with the rest of the 50,000 spectators. This is where each Marathon finishes, in commemoration of Spyros Louis.

281. The important Zappeion

Visit this neoclassical building, sponsored by the benefactor Evangelos Zappas that served as an Olympic Village in 1906 and is now used for private and public finctions. Afterwards roam around the beautiful National Garden of Athens.

Delos Island Delos Island, the Cyclades. A top Greece landmark.

282. Democratic Pnyka

Walk all the way up to this barren hilltop where the ancient Athenians were gathering talking politics and giving famous speaches. Apostole Paul also walked here in 51 AD.

283. Roman Agora

Stroll around this small archaeological site, located near Plaka, where Romans were gathering to talk about all sorts of matters.

Athens, the ancient Herodion Odeon - Greece Vacation Athens, the ancient Herodion Odeon

284. Surprising Mount Parnitha

Walk in this paradise, the national park and protected habitat for wild birds, so close to the city. Take pictures of the lake and if you cannot resist, go to the Casino.

285. Aenigmatic Mount Hymettus

Relax on this majestic sacret mountain, home to ancient temples and holy places that remains an important natural habitat covered by impressive flora, especially in autumn and spring.

Delphi, landscape Delphi, landscape. One of the most visted Greece landmarks.

286. Famous Mount Penteli

Try to enter the renowned quarries of this mountain where exquistite white marble, with a yellowish – amber tint has been extracted since the ancient times. It is the same marble used for the Acropolis, shining with a golden hue, adding to its magical aura.

Bourtzi, Nauplion, Greece Bourtzi, Nauplion, Greece



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