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Greek Cruises - Viking Yacht CruisesWe specialize in Greek Island Cruises & Cruises in the Mediterranean, Themed Vacations and Study Tours.

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Vikings was first established in 1959 for travelers interested in a genuine experience of the world in which they live. More than 150.000 north Americans, among other nationalities, have traveled with us since and over 16.000 passengers have enjoyed our Greek Island Cruises by yacht since 1974! Vikings Navita's European Study Tours dept. organizes educational tours of Greece for Colleges and Universities.



Nigel McGilchrist, Dean of European Studies (1993-2001), University of the South USA.
For anyone wishing to organize a group visit or cultural tour to Greece, Vikings Tours are, without a shadow of doubt, the best people to contact. Efficient, helpful, understanding of special needs READ MORE...

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Vikings: Greek Island Cruises, Themed travel & Study Tours.

Viking was initially established in 1959, to serve the needs of travellers interested in a genuine experience of the world in which they live. Within a short time, word of our consistently, cost-conscious and fun-loving approach of travel spread among people of all ages worldwide.

Today, our tours and cruises in Greece appeal to a highly diverse clientele. Regardless of age, all share a spirit of adventure and curiosity and a desire to enjoy life in their own individual manner.

A family business founded by three brothers of Greek and Swedish heritage and now continued by the second generation of Cocconis - Vikings offers the best of the two worlds: the convenience and comfort of a pre-arranged group program and the joy of personal discovery known to those who travel on their own.

Our tour groups are kept "small enough for everyone to be on a first-name basis by the end of the first day" as one travel writer put it, "and large enough to ensure good company"

Wherever in Greece we travel, we eliminate regimentation in favour of expert guidance. Today's mature and adventure some travellers must be free to enjoy themselves in whatever manner they prefer. On our cruises there is ample time for sun-worshipper to loll around the beach... for history-buffs to search for more fallen columns... for tavern-lovers to raise another ouzo and join right in the dancing. Viking's tour hosts will be glad to tell you where the action is - or the peace and quiet is!

No other vacation package is able to offer the superlative value, the intelligent approach and just the plain fun of a Viking's program. That's why Arthur Frommer has recommended Vikings for 25 years in a row, since we started. And why more than 150.000 North Americans have travelled with us since then day we begin and over 16.000 passengers have enjoyed our yacht cruises to the Greek islands since 1974!