Are you staying in Athens for a couple of days during your trip to Greece? You want to visit Athens and thinking to take a cruise to the Greek islands? Then you have picked the largest city in this beautiful peninsula. If you love city life, this is the perfect site.

You can visit the famous Ancient Agora or the remains of the Roman Agora. The Acropolis museum is a major attraction. Then there is the Acropolis that features the Parthenon, or the Hellenic Parliament, for the political minded.

Acropolis view from the Ancient "Agora" - Greece cruise

Visit Greece – Acropolis view from the Ancient “Agora”

Once all that sightseeing works up your appetite, you have a number of wonderful restaurants just waiting to make your acquaintance. Athens has quite a night life, as natives can commonly be seen going to dinner at 9:00 p.m. or later.

After dinner what? Clubbing of course! Athens is a city that doesn’t really sleep. There are times you can find yourself into traffic jam in Poseidonos avenue (the main avenue near by the sea connecting Piraeus port to the southern suburbs) at 3 am!

Swimmers and tourists in Greece will find themselves in Paradise, since Greece’s coastline exceeds 14,000 km, with many beaches to choose from. Athens is not famous for its beaches, but taking the road to Cape Sounion –where stands the ancient temple of god Poseidon – you will find beautiful small beaches, especially after Vouliagmeni. Varkisa, Aghia Marina are just some.

Another wonderful thing about having so many beaches is the fact that they are all so unique. So, if you are undecided or just want to experience more than one beach, book a cruise that takes you to several of them. There are many options.

Paros Island. A Greek Church - cruise to the Greek islands

Paros Island. A Greek Church

Greek cruises are one of the most convenient ways to see all of Greece. You can visit the cultural attractions and explore the history of Greece, or relax on a tour of the beaches.

The longer cruises are a boatload of fun and there are so many options. Some of them will cruise Greek Islands like Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Kea and more. Others will visit Turkey too. Find cruises like these aboard a wide variety of boats as well. However, the newest crazes are the motor yachts and motor sailors.

Some travelers prefer as an alternative, to go island hopping,  instead of a cruise to the Greek islands, as they search for their favorite spot. Be sure to get all of the details about the various options before you make your final selection. Keep in mind that if you travel during the summer, that is peak season and some schedules or accommodations will change.

If you like a yacht cruise and want to make sure it fits into your budget, many cruise deals in Greece are available. Regardless to your preference, gather all necessary information, if possible plan far in advance so you’ll find cheaper air tickets, and have one of the best sea holidays ever.



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