The Great Wine Tour Of Greece Through Mythology
 Are you a Wine Industry and Beverage Technology specialist or student, an organic farmer, a wine producer or you simply love Greece, its Mythology and wines? Then The Great Wine Tour Of Greece Through Mythology is what you need to learn everything about the past, the present and the future of Greek wine, organic farming and wine producing.  Additionally you will have the chance to visit a large number of ancient ruins, part of the UNESCO world heritage list and to learn a lot about the ancient myths that were surrounding wine, ancient ceremonies dedicated to wine and different gods who were protecting it.  
Why Should You Choose Greece  For A Wine Tour?
 Despite the fact that Greece is part of Europe, due to its geographical position it has the longest summers of all the  countries of this continent. Summer usually starts early in April and can last till the end of October whereas in June , July and August local temperatures can reach tropical standards. Grapes love the warm Mediterranean climate, that’s why you can find vineyards all over Greece. Moreover, the Greek landscape never remains the same: Sandy beaches bordering with green plains, steep rocky mountains or  hills with very little land to cultivate, beautiful rivers and lakes that make the soil of the neighboring areas extra fertile and small rocky islands where exceptional wine is produced due to ancient volcanic eruptions. Where else could you get so many different experiences from wine tours? 
The History Of Greek Wine
According to mythology, Dionysus, the son of Zeus and Semele, was the god of the grape harvest, wine making, wine, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy. He was very popular among gods and mortals and many festivals were held in his honor. As the ancient Greeks were masters of pottery, among the other masterpieces,  they were manufacturing craters, large vases to water down wine. The most important types of craters were the calyx, the bell, the volute and the column ones. The calyx was a large crater with black and red colors whose lower body had the shape of the calyx of a flower. Its foot was stepped an it had two robust handles.  

Greek Wine Varieties 
During The Great Wine Tour Of Greece Through Mythology you  will have the chance to taste a large number of local wine varieties included in your wine tasting package. Thanks to the Navita Vikings wine tasting tours, you will get to know the pramnian, the dark, strong ancient Greek wine.  Originated in Thrace from a Phoenician grape variety known as Biblnine, this wine is still found in several regions of Greece like Lesvos and Ikaria.  Robola, the famous wine and pride of Cephalonia, the big evergreen island of the Ionian sea, will amaze you with its unique taste. Retsina, a rather cheap variety of wine, typical of Attica, will attract your attention. Santorini’s sophisticated wines have been many a times awarded in international competitions because of their special taste and aromas due to the volcanic soil of the island.  Guided wine tours will also reveal the secrets of Cretan wines that have only slightly changed during the years.
Mastic And Ouzo-The Amazing Greek Liquors
Beyond wines, these wine tasting vacations will introduce you to the traditional Greek taste of ouzo on the island of Lesvos and the miraculous world of mastic on the island of Chios, both in the Aegean sea.
 Mastic, the product of the mastic tree that is only found in Chios, has healing effects and is also used for pharmaceutical purposes, in cosmetics and chewing gum.
The strong taste of ouzo due to 96% of alcohol and the adding of extracts from anise and other herbs and spices has made this liquor famous all over the world.  
Ancient Ruins And Local Cuisine
 The Great Wine Tour Of Greece Through Mythology is not only one of the best wine tasting tours but also a culinary and cultural experience. You will have the chance to get to know with the Greek cuisine and taste different local dishes like moussaka and pastitsio while listening to bouzouki music. In addition, you will visit some of the UNESCO world heritage listed sites such as the Acropolis, Poseidon’s Temple, the Acrocorinth, Olympia and Apollo’s Temple, as well as, the Petrified Forest of Lesvos and the healing baths of Ikaria and many other wonderful sites.   

Organic Farming And Wine Producing
Wine bus tours will drive you to organic farms where no poisonous fertilizers are used and the local wine production can serve as the model for wine producing countries. The Greek wine producers are doing their best to avoid dangerous modern pesticides and chemicals and to use environmental friendly products. In this way, wine is pure in substance, color and taste and thus beneficial, following the ancient Greek proverb: ‘Wine cheers the heart up’.

Remember To Always Drink Responsibly
Wineries tours are undoubtedly very pleasant because you can taste and buy varieties of wine you have sometimes never heard about. Due to their limited production, they rarely get exported and can really amaze you. Bare deep in mind that you are only able to cope with a certain amount of alcohol per week. Be clever and spread your wine glasses evenly across the week no matter if temptation is calling. In this way you will be able to enjoy wine tasting even during the last days of your wine trip and at the same time you will avoid the sad effects of alcohol that will impede you of enjoying your vacations. ‘All in good measure’, as the Ancient Greeks used to say.  
 Let Dionysus and Bacchus guide your chariot on your vineyard tours to live your myth in Greece under the bright sun. Watch the nymphs dancing accompanied by Pan’s flute around the vines. Taste the juice freshly cut grapes and the surprising Greek wines and liquors and learn the secrets of the local vineyard owners and wine producers. Profit out of the rich and glorious past of this land to broaden your horizons by visiting the remains of this famous ancient civilization. Combine knowledge with fun in The Great Wine Tour Of Greece Through Mythology while looking for the ambrosia, the wine of the Olympian Gods…
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