Unique Geotourism In Greece
Geophysical Phenomena, Myths And Ancient Ruins


You love Greece. Its endless beaches, the sun and especially its ancient ruins and history but you want something more than a standard tour. You want to visit places where very few tourists have ever gone before. You know that there are a lot more rare things in this land of wonders that are worth seeing but no organized excursion includes all of them. We have good news for you! Are you sure you are ready for new experiences? Through Geotourism In Greece you’ll  discover a whole new world of marvels.

Geotourism is the kind of tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place, its environment, its heritage, its aesthetics, its culture, as well as, the well-being of its residents. During these past years, geotourism has dramatically increased. Tourists who have already been to Greece and visited places of archaeological interest, decide to come again but they want to see and do something thoroughly different. On the other hand, explorations of magnificent new cave systems and other geophysical phenomena along with a great interest that was globally shown about them and their myths, forced the Greek government to create accessibility to these amazing sites.


Geotourism is undoubtedly ideal for professors or students of Geology, Geography, Chemistry, Volcanology, Speleology, Architecture, Agriculture, Mythology, History as well as, for all those whose spirit is inquisitive and are thirsty for knowledge and new adventures. It is for restless brains who want to find the answers to questions about the formation of the planet during the years and who strongly believe that the more we grow, the wiser we turn.


Greece is for sure one of the top vacations destination. The beautiful climate combined with the amazing sea and the remains of the past, has always been an attraction pole for millions of tourists. Geotourism in Greece is ‘the cherry on the cake’. The chance of visiting remote places with enormous interest and acquiring special knowledge, is what makes Geotours in Greece the brightest idea for your next vacations.


Tours in Greece hardly ever include sight-seeing of geological interest and if they do, they usually visit one or two. If you really love visiting such places and you want to see as many as you can during your staying on this land that was chosen by the Olympian gods, you must join the Unique Geotourism In Greece.


Once you join the Unique Geotourism In Greece, you will be able not only to see the ‘hottest’ geological points of this country but also to visit sites of archaeological interest. You will also have the chance to travel along the mainland, from north to south, as well as, to selected islands and learn a lot of things about local herbs and longevity.


Greece is a country with a unique geodiversity thus a great number of different geological tours can be planned to cover all the phenomena. There is a great number of places in Greece that show geological interest. Wonderful caves, cascades, naturally colored rocks by the sea, naturally sculpted rocks on mountains, volcanoes, thermal waters, steep rocky mountains and of course man-made caves-abandoned mines. There is an ancient myth trying to explain every different geological phenomenon.


Milos is a Cycladic island, also called the island of Venus because of the statue of the goddess found here. Apart from magnificent beaches, you can admire a Roman Theatre and lots of other ruins, along with the old sulphur and obsidian ( the black glass produced by volcanoes) mines. A great variety of volcanic stones, were produced on this island after the eruption of the volcano of Santorini. The unique multi-colored rocks and the thermal springs will captivate your senses. According to the myth, Milos was named after its first inhabitant, the son of the king of Cyprus and goddess Venus, who was sent here to inhabit the island.


Very close to Santorini, the famous cosmopolitan island with the white-stoned houses built on a rock, the romantic sunset and the ancient ruins of the Minoan settlement at Akrotiri is the island of Kameni. You will visit the volcano of this tiny rocky island due to the catastrophic eruption of which the whole Minoan civilization was destroyed. It was one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history, dated to the mid-second millenium BC. According to the myth, Phaethon, the son of Helios (the sun), wanted to drive the horse-driven chariot of his father. As he did not do well, Zeus tried to stop him while he was flying above this island by hitting him with one of his ‘thunders’.


Aedipsos is situated on the biggest Greek island of Evia. It is known for its hot springs of a very high quality of healing water and its luxurious hotels. There also are spots in the sea with hot water even in the winter. An excursion to the Lihadonisia, ‘the Greek Seychelles, will make you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise. The myth says that Goddess Athena asked Hefestos to create a healing sanctuary for Hercules to rest and revitalize.


The island of Ikaria was named after Ikarus, the son of Daedalus, the architect who created the labyrinth for King Minos in Crete. Ikarus fell onto this island while flying very close to the sun. Ikaria is famous for its healing waters containing radon. It is also here that they have recently found oil, gases and minerals. Scientists want to learn the longevity secrets of the inhabitants of this island that are probably related to the Mediterranean diet they follow.

Diros Caves

A very big magical cave-system in Mani, in North-East Peloponnese, decorated with dramatically shaped stalagmites and imposing stalactites. You will go on a 40-minutes boat trip along a subterranean river of 1,600 meters. The ancients used to call these caves the ‘Gateway to Hades’ as they believed that this was the root souls used to follow after death.


30 old monasteries near Kalambaka, part of the list of world heritage of UNESCO, built on a complex of dark colored breathtaking gigantic steep rocks 300-550 meters tall, made of sandstone. According to the Ancient Greek Mythology, these rocks were made during a flood caused by the gods. If you are willing to visit them, you will have to climb numerous stairs. A majestic place between the Earth and the sky, ideal for deep meditation. The new Museum of Mushrooms and Natural History hosts different types of animals and plants, not only local ones but also from all over the world and provides you with details on their lives.


Kastoria is a picturesque city of a marvelous architecture built by its lake. The Cave Of The Dragon full of magnificent stalagmites and stalactites according to mythology was guarded by a dragon who was producing flames and poisonous gases from his mouth as he was guarding a great amount of gold. You will also visit the aquarium, mainly hosting local fish from lakes and rivers and also the museum of the pre-historic settlement.

The Petrified Forest Of Nostimo

This petrified forest that was found at the settlement of Nostimo, 25 km from Kastoria, was created and developed 20 million years ago during the Miocene and petrified due to a volcanic eruption. This forest that is too far away from the sea, in the ancient years was by the sea. The museum hosts exhibits of fossilized extinct land and marine animals, plants, as well as, tools from the Neolithic era.

Nochtaria & Boucharia

At the Geopark of boucharia, 40 km from Kozani you will admire the geophysical phenomenon that took place due to the corrosion of the soil thousands of years ago. Naturally made magnificent chimney-looking sculptures are shaped on a couple of hills with (Boucharia) and without (nochtaria) a hat. You will walk on the recently made path to admire the nochtaria and the boucharia, one of the rarest phenomena on Earth. Fresh air for your lungs from the middle of this amazing forest. According to the local myths, these constructions were demons who were roaming in the night to frighten people.

Alistrati cave

The cave of Alistrati, in Macedonia close to Drama, is a very important cave as its stalagmites and stalactites look like fine embroidery or pieces of art, varying in color and shape. It is one of the largest caves in Europe. According to mythology, it was another ‘Gate of Hades’ while the Sphinx was also appearing here.


Not far from Edessa, this Macedonian city famous for its beautiful cascades, Aridaia is the place with the Pozar hot springs and the river with a temperature that reaches 37 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy the healing waters in the middle of a wonderful forest during the whole year. Hercules used these springs to regain his strength after his legendary labours.


There are two beautiful caves on this evergreen Ionian island, the 5th bigger one of Greece with wonderful stalagmites and stalactites, Drogarati and Melissani. You will explore Melissani by boat and you will feel like you are in a different world. It is here where the Nymphs used to swim in the past according to the myth. Another geophysical phenomenon is the existence of a river under the surface of the earth that goes from one side of the island to the other.

Fokis Mining Park

Last but not least, a geotour to Fokis Mining Park and in particular to the disused ‘Tunnel 850’. A man-made cave, 850 metres above the surface of the sea, part of the Fokis Bauxite Mines. You will have the chance to explore the tunnel by the little authentic train the miners used to call the ‘Vagonetto’.. An extraordinary itinerary inside the Earth for mining bauxite, the precious mineral thanks to which we get aluminium. A museum and a small ‘planetarium’ will be providing you with extra knowledge on bauxite and Mining. According to the myth, the Nymphs along with Venus were singing and dancing on the two mountains, Ghiona and Parnassos that are surrounding this mine.


Start packing for this extraordinary trip where you will have the chance to go to the most unusual and wonderful places of Greece. Experience the myths of the past and live your own one like a new Indiana Jones. The treasure you are looking for is knowledge and we will do our best so that you find it. Do not forget your camera, bathing suit, glasses, towel, hat and hiking shoes.
You are the explorer, the winner, the hero…

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