Why should students take Study tours in Greece?

More and more students from all over the world take study tours in Greece, not only because it is the cradle of the Western Civilization with a great number of archaeological sites and museums but also because of its natural beauty, marvelous clean beaches and a very big number of entertainment venues young people like to visit.

But what is a study tour?

A study tour is a trip which has educational purposes combining on the spot learning with life memorable vacations.

What can a student gain from educational tours abroad?

A Fine Arts student  will have the opportunity to admire and understand the smile and the look of the unique painting of Mona Lisa, as well as, the message Leonardo da Vinci wanted to convey. Visiting the Louvre to look at this masterpiece from different angles is something an educational tour abroad will offer.

An archaeologist will understand the difficulties and feel that excitement of the excavations near the Agora, if he does goes to Greece see for him/her self as well a architect to come by visiting the Acropolis of Athens will imprint in his/her memory how a monument can symbolize in his material beauty, immaterial concepts, as Democracy in our example.

Traveling abroad widens the horizon and learning becomes deeper for students and accompanying teachers. Knowledge takes a step forward and theory, books, the internet combines with the real thing. The feeling of being there, able to “touch” knowledge, art, beauty is unique.

College trips abroad broaden the perspective and the horizon of students, both those how have traveled before and those who may never had the chance to travel to countries other than their own in the past.
Additionally, study abroad trips are the most careless and happy way to learn the things that are part of a student’s university yearly program while traveling, having fun and meeting people who share the same interests and academic background with him, possibly leading to the formation of solid friendships. In such trips, the standard class and classroom are not in the picture and it is a unique school experience for the student as the necessary information for his studies is mainly acquired through exploring.

There is a variety of programs of study abroad trips from the larger ones that include all the lessons of a whole educational semester to the ones that only provide the student with the credits or practice for just one lesson. College break tours, for one week or more, are priceless on spot learning and in life time memories.

College tours in Europe are preferred by many Professors and their students as Europe is considered to be the place where foundation of western civilization was born and it has been inhabited since the pre-historic times. There are so many countries to discover!
Who can resist a trip to Paris with the Eiffel Tower, the Palais des Versailles, the Notre Dame and the Louvre?
London is another place students love visiting when they take a college tour in Europe to see the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, the National History Museum and the Hyde Park.
Other college tours of Europe will visit Berlin not only for its monuments and imposing buildings but also for its artistic mood and galleries.

Study tours in Greece starting from Athens is the type of trips students enjoy the most. There are endless lists with the Greek sights.
Numerous museums ideal for those who study archaeology and history, galleries for the ones who study Fine Arts, different architectural patterns characterizing each different part of Greece which are interesting for the future architects, civil engineers and decorators.
Wild animals, birds, reptiles and fish ideal for those who study zoology, biology and ecology, as well as wetlands and sea parks that help animals in extinction reproduce and survive, are some of the magnificent things a student can see in Greece.
Mount Athos in Chalkidiki, Corinth and the island of Patmos are a must for students of Religious Studies.

The apparent reason why college study tours in Greece are chosen is because students want to find things through its ancient past.
Ancient Greece is not only Archaeology and Arts. It is also the country of the first bright scientists. Mathematics, Geometry, Philosophy, Poetry, Drama, Geography, History, Medicine, Pharmacology and many other sciences were born in this extraordinary country during the ancient times.
Where can you find them? In the ruins of the Acropolis in Athens, at the archaeological site of the Mycenae in Peloponnese where one can admire the Lion Gate and the Tholos tombs along with other exhibits starting from the Neolithic era, in ancient Corinth with the Apollo Temple, the ancient theater and the Acrocorinth, the ancient acropolis of Corinth, in Samos where Pythagoras developed his famous mathematical theories, in Lesvos where the first woman poet, Sappho was living or in Crete in the Palace of Knossos trying to follow the Labyrinth to find the Minotaur…

A study tour in Greece can provide students with knowledge and strong lifechanging memories as every square centimeter of this land contains the priceless pieces of information he wants to find in a pleasant and thoroughly amusing way.

College breaks in Greece on a yacht cruise is the best idea Professors and their students who want to transport the subject matter from the classroom into the magical Greek world by using study abroad programs as in this way they can travel to different places of their interest within a limited time.
College break cruise prices do not cost more than other organized excursion on the mainland and thus they are affordable.

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Vikings Navita among others has a remarkable experience in study tours in Greece with fixed or tailor made itineraries visiting the mainland and/or the islands.
There, you can also find more information about the new “Classroom at sea” educational tour, on board a Greek traditional boat that can accommodate up to 30 passengers sailing around the coasts of mainland Greece, as well as, around the Greek islands.

Let Athena, the goddess of wisdom drive you to your cultural journey to the mystical ancient Greek world and Aeolus, the god of the winds blow your sailing boat gently to the most remote paths of knowledge. You are about to start one of the brightest study tours in Greece!

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