If you grew up hearing your grandparents’ stories and want to check out the homeland for yourself. If words like “Ellada”, “Patrida”, “Kriti”, “Mani”, “Karpathos” “Kyklades”, “Dodekanissa” are familiar to your ears, then you really should visit your ancestors’ “Patrida”.

Maybe it’s just time to visit grandparents’ homeland!

Yacht Cruise to the Greek Islands

You can organize a family cruise to the Greek Islands on board a yacht. What better way to connect with Greece then with experienced travel guides in tow?

Take your grandparents, your parents and even your siblings on a sea holiday this year. Why cruises? With yacht tour away from the tourists and into the culture of the Greek Isles you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your cruise your way.

visit grandparents' homeland , cruise onboard the m/s Galileo

m/s Galileo

Classical Tour combined to a cruise

You can spend one two or even three weeks in Greece taking a classical tour in Greece and learn on your own time and live in your grandparent’s footsteps. You will be able to soak up the culture and learn about amazing Greek myths and whether your Grandma’s stories were true.

Hephaestus ancient Temple, Athens

Visit Greece – Hephaestus ancient Temple, Athens

Explore by yourself

Sometimes there is nothing better than picking up a suitcase and heading off on your own. With no plans you will be able to find places the tour guides won’t take you, meet the Greek people who generally stay away from tourists and get a feel for the country on your own.

Who knows, you may even have better stories to tell your Grandparents when you get home.

Relax on a beach

I hardly need to tell you that Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pick a postcard photo and you can almost guarantee that it was shot on one of the coastal sandbars.
Pick an island and pull up a chair for the day. You deserve to relax.

visit grandparents homeland, Paros Island

Paros, Naoussa

Wherever you decide to go, you are still going to need some information about Greece. There are endless things to see and do while in Greece. To find out more about the history, culture or where to stay and eat head over to www.zeus.guide where you will also find a Culture travel guide.



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