Greece is an ancient land – part of the long lost Byzantine Empire. It is a proud country, filled with historical, cultural, modern, and culinary adventures for its guests. Those who are planning a trip and want to find some interesting attractions in Greece may find these four attractions interesting.

Here they are: Historical Delphi, the nightlife in Mykonos, medieval Rhodes, and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

Historical Delphi

Delphi is among the most interesting archeological sites in the world. It dates back to around 500 BC. Delphi has attracted many athletes throughout the centuries as it used to hold competitions similar to the Olympian Games.

Some of the remains found in the Temple of Apollo are dated back to the 7th century BC. The amphitheater is one of the most impressive sights in Delphi. It provides people with a panoramic view of the area, and it is a great location to just sit, relax, and take a deep breath.

The sanctuary called Tholos is an intriguing circular building. In a vague way, it bares a resemblance to Stonehenge. Near the top of the mountain, there is a stadium. The size is impressive for a 5th century BC structure. Its stone “bleachers” can accommodate over 6,000 sports fans.

Delphi was known in the ancient times for its famous Oracle. According to Greeks, Delphi was the center of the earth. Among attractions in Greece, Delphi is a very special one.

attractions in Greece, Delphi

Visit Greece – ancient oracle of Delphi

The nightlife of Mykonos

One of the interesting facts about Mykonos is that it has a very large number of nightclubs. So, those interested in an “Ibiza” type of experience will find Mykonos very attractive. Partygoers can enjoy themselves all-night and all-day long as the clubs are open 24/7 during the tourist season.

In addition to the extreme nightlife, tourists can visit the Chora windmills. Chora is another name for the town of Mykonos. The windmills provide the city with an interesting landscape view.

The “Little Venice” neighborhood is another popular attraction. Those who are interested in a romantic evening can enjoy dinner at one of the Little Venice restaurants. Watching the gorgeous sunset is an added bonus.

Mukonos old port, attractions in Greece

Mykonos down town

Medieval Rhodes

Rhodes was the home of one of the most famous ancient statues – the Colossus or Rhodes. Unfortunately, it was destroyed over 2,000 years ago in an earthquake. If it still existed, the statue would be over 90 feet tall.

The castle of Monolithos is located on one of the hilltops. It provides visitors with spectacular panoramic views of the area. The castle was constructed in the 15th century as a defense structure, and it has never been conquered.

There is another castle worth visiting in Rhodes – the castle of Kastellos. It is a 15th century building as well. And its purpose was to offer protection from the Ottoman navy.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

The Epidaurus theatre is an impressive structure, designed to accommodate 14,000 people. One of the most impressive features of the theatre is the incredible acoustics.

Even a whisper made in the center of the stage can be heard by the entire audience. Tour guides take this even further. They seat the group at random locations, and then light a single match. Incredibly, everyone is able to hear the match being stricken.

If you are lucky enough when visiting Epidaurus you might attend an event. Visit the official site at (here you will also find information for Athens’ festival in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus –ancient theatre located in the center of Athens, in the Acropolis area-)

Epidaurus Theatre

Visit Greece – Epidaurus ancient theatre

When visiting Greece, there are a few top destinations that shouldn’t be forgotten. These include Delphi, Mykonos, Rhodes, and the theatre of Epidaurus. Of course there are many more attractions in Greece for you to visit. Check the Greek Islands Cultural Guide to find many of them.

They provide guests with incredible sights of the ancient past. Delphi and Epidaurus are places of major interest for student groups traveling abroad ( find more about Study Tours in Greece).




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