Santorini is one of the most known and visited islands of the Cyclades, the Greek group of islands formed around Delos, in the Aegean Sea. Famous for its breathtaking view, amazing sunset, red and black beaches and picturesque hilltop villages, it doesn’t cease to amaze visitors from all over the world who come to experience the local wines, the view of the volcano’s caldera, scuba dive or visit the Faros lighthouse.

Santorini is just 4 hours and a half ferry from Piraeus or an hour forty-five minute flight from Athens. But what’s also great about visiting Santorini (see also what the myth sayst Atlantis: the eruption in myth) is that you have the perfect excuse to visit and get to know other incredible islands near, around the Aegean Sea.


Santorini Island, Greece

Milos looks like a place out of this world; renowned for its special volcanic landscape it offers Sarakiniko’s lunar landscape, exotic places to swim with natural underwater caves (like Kleftiko, for example) clear waters to swim, and there’s also Klima, the traditional fishing village with it’s amazing boat houses.
At the same is time its beautiful surroundings, charming local people and peaceful atmosphere makes it the perfect place to spend vacations with family, just a 2-hour ferry trip away from Santorini.

This is another great example of the whole area’s natural beauty. Crystal white sand beaches, the sun in its entire splendor, clear blue waters and just peace and fun in the air.
Like all of the Mediterranean Greek Isles, Amorgos has its own picturesque villages and houses and one of the most breath-taking hiking trails from where you can enjoy the Monastery of Hozoviotissa that stands on top of a hill since the 11th century.

This is probably one of the most visited islands of the group by young people, since its beaches are not just incredible white sandy and crystal clear water beaches but also perfect of partying and enjoying lots of ways of modern entertainment.
Chora, its most picturesque village, is a must see for its awesome views and lively narrow paved streets. Watching the sunset from Ios Club is a must.

Ios Island, Cyclades, Greece.

Ios Island @ Ios club: waiting for the sunset…

This is the best well kept secret of the Cyclades, so please don’t tell anyone! It is the least visited of the islands, so if you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet time, this is the place to go. It’s all about simplicity and having a relaxed time in Folegandros. A proof of this is that only a couple beaches are organized while the majority is secluded away from mass tourism and big crowds.

One of the most wonderful and small island of the southeastern Cyclades, with an amazing and typical landscape and atmosphere. . Its name derives according Greek mythology when Apollo revealed (“anafenein”) the island to Jason and his fellow Argonauts in a flash of lightning.
There is a two hours ferry that connects Anafi and Santorini directly; it runs 2-3 times a week and this is partly what makes it one of the islands less attended by tourism, so if you’re looking forward to see the local lifestyle, this might just be it.



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