A Greek Island cruise

If you are looking for family cruises or just a romantic getaway with your couple, Greece always sounds just fine. But it gets more than fine when you get to know this paradise on Earth. Cruise the Greek Islands and discover the immense beauty of the Greek seas.

Naxos Island, Aegeotissa, Cruise the Greek Islands

Naxos Island, the Cyclades

Cruise the Greek islands: The Cyclades

Located in the centre of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades is the most popular island group of the Mediterranean Greek Isles. Their architecture, dominated with white and blue, and their relaxing atmosphere turns them into a must.
The name comes from the Greek Word “cyclos”, and it makes reference to the way the islands circle around Delos, Apollo’s sacred island, in the ancient times.

Santorini, Mykonos, Paros and Naxos are some names that you probably heard of before, and are some of the most famous islands of the group.

Cruise the Greek islands, m/s Irina sun deck

Sun deck – sailing somewhere in the Greek Seas

A cruise on board a Greek traditional yacht

When it comes to cruising this magical group of islands the best way is on board a gorgeous traditional yacht. In the main deck, which includes a shaded area, is where guests enjoy most of the time (and at the sundeck as well), sun and drinks.

Privacy, fun and incredible and unforgettable moments is what you’ll find on board of the gem, cruising the blue waters of the Aegean Sea; everything is set to hold your breath and enjoy.

On every stop on the ports of different small towns and villages, you will find picturesque and a real simple lifestyle, as you enjoy the shops, cafes and wineries.

Ancient history and mythology is always present for your amusement; – this is Greece after all, and that is what it’s most famous for.

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