Thinking of getting married? Why not tie the knot in Greece? Not only are there many different wedding venues in Greece to choose from, but each place offer its own unique look at Greece.

If getting married in Greece is your dream then Santorini and Mykonos are two of the most popular places to do so, but other places in Greece are also growing popular.

Perhaps one of the best parts about getting married in Greece is the fact that you don’t have to worry about traveling anywhere else for the honeymoon. Wherever in Greece you plan to marry, there is no shortage of venues to choose from and sights to see.

Getting married in Greece: Santorini

One of the most romantic and popular places for a destination wedding is Santorini, one of the Cycladic islands.

The remnant of a volcanic caldera, Santorini offers many different options for wedding venues such as chapels, hotels, beaches, or even boats so you can personalize your own wedding day and make it special.

Additionally, the clear blue sky, rich waters of the Aegean Sea, and stark white buildings contrasting with the rocky outcropping of volcanic remains adds a stunning backdrop to any of your wedding photos.

View of Santorini island, getting married in Greece

View of Santorini island


Getting married in Greece: Mykonos

Another top pick for destination weddings, Mykonos also has hundreds of choices for wedding venues. A popular wedding location is the 16th century windmills right next to Little Venice.

The waterfront or a hotel with a view of the beach are other options guaranteed to display stunning and romantic views of the sea, sky, and beauty of Greece. It is no wonder that Mykonos remains one of the top wedding destinations.

Church in Mykonos, Getting married in Greece

A church in Mykonos

Getting married in Greece: Other Places

If not interested in Santorini or Mykonos or simply want a more unique place in Greece to get married, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Paros, and Kefalonia offer gorgeous venues and scenery for your wedding day.

As there are so many beautiful Islands scattered all over the Greek seas you might want to make your research for “your” Island. Search for it at the Greek Travel Guide Zeus Guide.

In addition, many of these places and others in Greece have their own wedding planning companies which may be helpful if considering one of these options.

Sunset in Fyra, Santorini

Getting married in Greece. Santorini

Things to Consider for a well planned wedding in Greece

Although any place in Greece you choose for your wedding ceremony will certainly be the highlight of your special day, there are certain things you consider before fully committing to getting married there.

It’s depending where you and your significant other are from, there may be legal documentation you have to fill out, birth certificates and marriage licenses will have to be translated into Greek, and a notice of your upcoming wedding may have to be placed in the local newspaper about a week beforehand.

It will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete any documents you need and you should plan accordingly. Both civil and religious wedding ceremonies can be performed in Greece, but a simple exchange of vows is possible as well.

If feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information or do not know where to start, a wedding planning company specializing in Greece or destination weddings can greatly help and make your wedding run smoothly.

Also, wedding packages can help couples put everything together. No matter which wedding planning option or place in Greece you choose, make sure that the wedding day is uniquely yours.

Happy wedding planning!



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