Family Reunion Cruise to Greece and the Greek Isles

What better way to get the family together for a reunion than to take a trip together? Now, imagine that family reunion cruise to Greece. Imagine sailing on the waters of the Aegean Sea, island-hopping among the gorgeous islands off the coast of Greece. At Viking Yacht Cruises, we will work with your group, no matter how large, to tailor the perfect family reunion in and on the islands of Greece. 

For 40 years, we’ve impressed our clientele with breathtaking cruises and lavishly relaxing vacation packages. For your next reunion or event, we can design a program that suits the needs of you and your family. You can charter a yacht for you family reunion cruise to Greece or we can book you on a scheduled cruise on a yacht or if you prefer on a larger cruise ship. We deal with passengers of all ages, and will work hard to accommodate the needs of all your family members.

All yachts we offer are fully staffed so that we can ensure that your trip is unforgettable and special to each and every family member. A memorable cruise and a friendly atmosphere are what we deliver to all our passengers. Let us take care of you and your family while you’re at sea discovering the beauty of the Greek Isles!

We’ll feed you, entertain you, teach you about the history of the area, and more. Land excursions, restaurants, hotels, and more can all be arranged for you, probably for less than you would think. Enjoy time well spent with your family on this family reunion cruise to Greece, getting to know new members, reacquainting and catching up with old ones, and cherishing new loved ones. Two brothers who have instilled in our staff the importance of family and togetherness founded our business and we’re here to help you celebrate that.