If you’re looking for diverse terrain and beaches galore, a visit to Greece and its surrounding islands is a must on board a yacht on a Greek Isles Cruise. The beaches of the Greek Islands are as varied as the landscape of the mainland country.

There are over literally thousands of islands surrounding the Grecian archipelago and miles and miles of sandy paradise along their banks for visitors to enjoy.

Greek Isles cruise to the Aegean or the Ionian Seas

Stunning coastlines and the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas create the setting for endless adventures up and down the Greek Isles. Some beaches have fine, white sand, while others have white pebbles scattered across the coast.

m/s Syrolana, Greek Isles Cruise

Greek Isles Cruise, m/s Syrolana

Still others have forests of pine trees on their banks. With all this variety, your perfect paradise is only a short sail away.

Take a Greek Isles Cruise or an island-hopping tours to the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, and many more. Especially for those who want to experience the diversity among islands and the rich architectural and cultural history of these mythic places.

A Greek Island Cruise is the best way to discover the Greek peninsula with its thousands of isles.

view of the Erechtheion from Plaka

Visit Greece – The Acropolis of Athens

You can begin your trip in Athens for a couple of nights. Visit the Acropolis, the Museum, the Agora and many other sights the capital has to offer you.  Then, sail away on board a yachtto Mykonos.Then venture to Naxos in the Cyclades for another day, then to Paros, Santorini and more await on this unbelievable Greek Isles Cruise.

The only thing more unbelievable is that you can find amazing trips can be had for prices that start from around 1,500 €.




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