Island Hopping in Greece

The islands off the coast of Greece make up some of the world’s most beautiful and historical places on Earth. Thousands of islands lie in the waters surrounding the Grecian archipelago, creating a superb landscape for island hopping in Greece adventures. At Viking Yacht Cruises, we offer stunning trips to the Greek Islands suitable for all interests and ages. You can get more acquainted with islands local culture by visiting the Greek Travel Guide “ZeusGuide” we’re sponsoring.
Island hopping in Greece is an excellent way to learn the history of the Greek people. On our 7-day cruise -one of the most appealing of our island hopping adventure trips-  you will be immersed in the culture, past and present, of the Greek Islands. On Mykonos you can go for the superb night life, on Paros you can visit the Church of Ekatontapiliani and the picturesque fishing village of Naoussa. On Ios watch the fantastic sunset from Ios Club and in Santorini admire the breathtaking view to the vast Aegean Sea. Delos. is an ancient sacred island. Here, you’ll spend a few hours enjoying the ruins and monuments on this -today- uninhabited island.

Every Greek island has its own way to enchant visitors. You’ll notice that at a glance. History, sandy beaches, the sun the clear sea, the colors are all around you.

More Greek islands await for you to discover. Island hopping in Greece is a life time experience that you will remember! The knowledge about the area that you will gain is truly endless, as is the region’s beauty. We will ensure to organize everything for you to the minimum detail, so that you can truly enjoy the fun and adventure of Greek island hopping.