Located in the southeastern tip of Europe, Greece is a peninsula surrounded by the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The country is an awe-inspiring mix of mountainous terrain, forest land, and glorious beaches.

Autumn Travel Deals to Greece

If you’re thinking of an autumn trip to Greece, there are really many options. To take advantage of the best deals, one of the best times to travel to Greece is during September-October. At this time of year, all the crowds from summer are gone, there are lots of off-season discounts to be had, and it’s not that hot anymore.

Thanksgiving or other seasonal holidays around this time would be well-spent here. Cultural events for Greek locals also really flourish around the late fall/early winter season in Greece, so there is much to see. For example, Thessaloniki’s Dimitria Festival runs through early October.

This festival boasts a large selection of events from musicals to shadow theater and other cultural offerings. Pick the right vacation for you from our Travel deals to Greece and combine a yachting adventure with a land excursion with us and you’ll get the best of both of these worlds! Another excellent destination is Monemvasia, located in the S.E. Peloponnese.

Built on a huge rock connected to the mainland, Monemvasia castle will bring you centuries back with its romantic vibes, stone walls and absolutely breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea.

You can lodge inside the walls where you will find many nice places or if you’re looking for something different, outside the walls, you can check with the mansion Kinsterna Hotel and its luxurious suites. Either ways Monemvasia and its surrounding promises an unforgettable experience.

Monenvasia, Autumn Travel Deals to Greece


The Athens Marathon is another great attraction for your fall trip to Greece. It also takes place in early November with thousands of participants from all the world. Following the ancient route, form Marathonas to Athens, this race is open to visitors who wish to participate.

Around this time of year as well, churches celebrate their patron saints with large festivals and celebrations. You can find great Travel deals to Greece and in addition, there are markets, fairs, and plenty more for visitors to enjoy on a fall trip to Greece.




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