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One of the Ionian diamonds is Corfu. The largest one of the Eptanisa (it means seven islands in Greece) located approximately 90 miles from Ithaca, is Ulysses Island. The nobility of the island and the “singing” pronunciation of the inhabitants are certainly something you’ll notice.

You can reach the Island by boat or plane. Indeed, Corfu’s airport, especially during high season, is connected to many cities, since Corfu is a major tourist destination in Greece. I must say that I was impressed by how the runway is plugged next to the sea on one side of a natural bay located on the south of the city of Corfu.

The old town of Corfu

The Old Town of Corfu is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. The beauty and history easily justify this. I must admit that all the times I’ve visited this island; I enter into a romantic mood. I do not know how to explain this. It just happens.

Perhaps the buildings, the premises, the lights, the cosmopolitan air of the place. Maybe all this combined along with a glass of red wine and gazing the moon does the trick.

The old town of Corfu - armor drawing

armor drawing

Mixed together in harmony, Classical, Renaissance and Baroque tones create a magical surrounding. The cobbled streets with arched passages in their sides remind me very much of neighboring Italy.

Corfu was host to several conquerors. Venetians, English, French. They left behind them pieces of their own history that mixed with Greece’s history. The same happened to the buildings creating the interesting “feeling” of the island.

The Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Spianada, the old and new fortress, Kanoni, Achillion are just some of what you will certainly see and admire in the town.

I think that for museums fans, the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine, the Museum of the national poet Dionysios Solomos (he wrote the National Anthem of Greece) and the first Governor of Greece, Kapodistrias’ Museum are good choices.

The same goes also for the Museum of Asian Art.
Keep in mind that visiting Corfu without seeing the huge Spianada square and the aristocratic Liston is not seeing the place completely!

The old town of Corfu holds a strategic position due its local geographical position. Its history goes back to the 8th century BC. Venetian engineers built the three forts of the town to protect the interests of the Republic of Venice from the Ottoman Empire.

The color of the old town is really so strong that a photographic excursion will create on the hard disk of your computer a folder with sharp photos full of colors, great contrast and beautiful memories. If you carry your DSLR with you, don’t forget your circular polarizing filter to increase contrast and blue color. Sun is very bright in Greece. Oh and always, but always back up your stuff!

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