Planning to book your next ultimate holiday escapade. Then a vacation in Greece is a great choice!

Here’s your must-have travel guide to the birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games– Greece! I’ll walk you through a number of places and things to see that makes Greece a tourism hotspot that it is today.

Santorini’s Golden Sunsets

Let’s start with the Golden Sunset views from the Castle of Oia in the island of Santorini.

The island is perfect for honeymooners as it is undeniably the most romantic spot in all of the Aegean, attracting millions of satisfied tourists during the summer.

You can take a hike on the long stretches of caldera previously formed by still-active volcanoes! You can even take a boat tour for an even more romantic feel of the exhilarating Santorini sunset.

Sunset in Fyra, Santorini

Sunset in Fyra, Santorini


The Athens Acropolis

You’ve probably heard about the ever-famous Temple of Parthenon at least once in your life, have seen it at least once in the movies or have read it in a book.

If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to actually see live the Parthenon, make sure to include in your itinerary our next stop – the Athens Acropolis.

The Acropolis is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens. It showcases the relics of many old buildings that have great historical and architectural importance.

As such, the Acropolis is a monument which has become a symbol for all of Greece. Apart from the Temple of Parthenon, you could find in the Acropolis the Sanctuary of Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike, The Proplyea Gates, the theaters of Dionysus and Herodes Atticus, and more. All the valuable relics are now in the recently built Acropolis Museum, a few meters from the Parthenon and just opposite the Holy Rock.

Vacation in Greece, the Parthenon,

Visit Greece – The Parthenon, Athens Greece

Enjoy the Alluring Waters

If you’re the type who does not enjoy swimming in the sea, you probably haven’t been on a Greek summer holiday.

Possessing an archipelago, Greece takes pride in its long list of beaches in the islands of Siphnos, Naxos, Crete, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Rhodes, and many many other with astonishing jewel-colored waters. Being in the middle of a city is not a matter of concern.

Cities, like Athens is just a 30-minute ride away from the breath-taking beaches of Vouliagmeni and Varkiza. Take a dip and experience your well-deserved rest in your hustle and bustle.

Cycladic Architecture

Next stop, the Cyclades Islands.

The Cyclades is comprised of 220 islands, majority of which are actually peaks of submerged mountains with the exception of two major islands – Milos and Santorini – which are volcanic islands. The other major islands are Mykonos, Paros, Amorgos, Ios, Naxos and Folegandros.

These major islands have made the Cyclades the most prominent island group in Greece for the inviting beaches and breathtaking Cycladic Architecture.
In addition, the famous sugar houses, the windmills and the blue-dome churches add fame to the timeless beauty of the Cyclades.

View from Santorini


Greek Dining

Travels are never complete without the presence of good food.

With Greece, gaining ground and being in the 15 top wine and similar beverages producer, will never disappoint in serving the best homemade house wine – perfect pair for their exquisite homemade food.

Don’t miss their traditional dishes such as the kolokythokeftedes (courgette balls) which is a perfect appetizer, Kleftiko (lamb dish), and horiatiki (village salad). You can settle down at a seaside taverna and request for fish and calamari fresh from the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.
Relax and dine as locals have since ancient times.

Greek food, various dishes in a tavern

Greek food. Horiatiki salad, octopus, french fries, squids…



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