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The beauty of Greece is truly something you have to experience firsthand. There are quite a few places on the internet you can look for Greece vacation packages deals to find the one that fits your needs.

Big travel companies sell vacation packages to Greece as one of their most popular destinations to millions of tourists every year. Some international air companies and travel guides do the same, as well as, regional travel agencies with a local clientele.

On the other hand, Greek tour operators have entered this ‘game’ dynamically, knowing the potentials of the Greek market and infrastructure better than anyone else operating from another country.

But one is for sure. All types of Greece vacation packages are sold and their number multiplies year by year, creating memorable vacations.

Why should you visit Greece?

Greece is famous for its nice weather, blue sea, sandy beaches, tasty food and mainly for its archaeological sites, as it undoubtedly is the cradle of the western civilization and it’s part of the European Community thus the Euro is used for all transactions.

Greece Travel Packages - Herodion Theatre, entrance

Visit Greece – Herodeion Theatre

Either interested in Classic, ancient or modern Greece, it is a must for the tourist to spend at least a couple of days in Athens city, the capital, to admire the ancient ruins of the Acropolis and the Agora but also to visit the temple of Poseidon at cape Sounion and the Archaeological Museum of Athens with its valuable ‘treasures’.

There are many ways of enjoying the Greek hospitality. You can book a room and spend your vacations at a hotel, take a cruise, wonder around on your own by using local buses and ferries or look for a vacation package that suits your needs and expectations.

Lost on the internet – lots of sites to check?

While looking for vacation packages for Greece, the internet will give you a multitude of places you can fish around.

You can find ready Greece vacation packages you can buy on the spot for the best selling destinations like Athens, Mykonos or Santorini for a standard number of days, half-pension or all inclusive with or without pre-paid international air tickets, land excursions or transportation from and to the international airport of Athens or some other big Greek cities.

Greece Travel Packages - Mykonos

Mykonos Down Town

If you continue searching online, you’ll come across companies that can make a tailor made program for your own needs, covering your special interests, demands and hotel preferences while providing you with an itinerary that has nothing to do with the standard advertised ones in the selection of venues to be visited or the time you want to spend on each and every one for your personal reasons.

Huge sites offering Greece vacation packages deals online

  • You’ll probably come across online when looking for Greek vacation packages to
    Search the best value prices on all inclusive vacation packages and trips with airfares to Greece. 
    Two attractive Greece vacation packages of the ‘Great Value Vacations’ are:
    ‘Marvels of Ancient Greece and Mykonos’, a trip to Athens, Delphi, Meteora and Mykonos that will give you the opportunity to visit famous archeological sites and the picturesque Cycladic island of Mykonos.
    The ‘Greek Island Hopper’ is a trip to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete that combines four top destinations in Greece.

  • Packages on are quite interesting too. Two Expedia appealing Greece Vacation Packages are:

The Santorini Vacation Package, visiting Santorini Island with its white stoned houses and the amazing night life, gazing at the volcano and the Mykonos Town Vacations offering vacation in Mykonos, the island of the celebrities and endless entertainment and shopping.

Greece Travel Packages Deals - Santorini Island

Santorini Island

  • At you ‘ll find good proposals for Greece Vacation Packages such as the Romantic Greece Vacation, Athens and Island Hopping a tour through the fantastic Greek islands of Mykonos, Delos and Santorini that includes Athens, the capital. Ideal for those who are in love but also love the ancient Greek spirit.

And the “Discovering Ancient Greek Cities Tour” visiting Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Kalambaka. From the Acropolis to the Olympic flame and from the echoes of the Oracle of Delphi to the monasteries of Meteora on the steep rocks, this tour is a tribute to the Greek civilization.

Greece Travel Packages - Poseidon Temple in Cape Sounion

Visit Greece – Poseidon Temple in Cape Sounion – photo courtesy of A. Kaknis.

  • Due to its absolute service and unique offers, you will also come across the Vikings Navita site, a Greek one of the online page for vacations packages in Greece that can assure with great certainty that speaks the Greek language and knows Greece better than anyone else.

Among many Greece vacation packages deals for 2018, offered by Viking Navita one of the ultimate best travel packages is the “The 14-day Magnificent Greece Tour , cultural tour of Greece.

The 14-day Magnificent Greece Tour is the epitome of a lifetime dream. This Greece vacation package combines three days in Greece’s capital, Athens, near the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum , the 7-Day Greek Islands Cruise to the Cyclades islands, and the 4-day land tour.

Atfter Athens and the 7 Day Cruise, you’ll enjoy a four-day classical tour of archaeological sites, historical structures, and landscapes of Delphi, Meteora, and Peloponnese by private coach.   This trip is a must for anyone wanting to truly experience the beauty of these lands.

You and your loved one(s) will be whisked around to Mykonos from Athens, and then around to Folegandros, Santorini, Syros and more.

You’ll enjoy a plethora of historical knowledge that we’ll share with you about the sights on each of these islands, the capital and other amazing sights around Greece. This area of the world is ripe with ancient history and we’re seasoned historians when it comes to our home. Let us share our history with you on this unforgettable Greece travel package.

Honeymoon in Greece

Spend your honeymoon in Greece on a Cruise . What better way to enjoy your spouse than against the backdrop of the blue Aegean Sea and the islands of this beautiful Mediterranean nation?

You can choose between a larger cruise ship, a yacht or even a sailing boat if you’re  the more adventurous type! Plan your special honeymoon in Greece for you and your beloved spouse. Else there are trips and cruises for all interests, tastes, and budgets.

Greece, the land of wonders

It is amazing how many things you can see and do in this country.

You can swim in the crystal clear waters of sandy or rocky beaches on the Greek islands.

Visit a huge number of archaeological and other sights, learn the secrets of the local cuisine using precious olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and more tasty ingredients.

Go clubbing till early in the morning, relax while listening to the waves and the singing of the birds, shop in modern Malls or in little places for hand-made ‘treasures’.

Practice all sorts of sports from horse ridding to diving, climbing, snorkeling, and parachuting.

Visit farms with olive oils, herbs, organic grown vegetables, lemon and orange trees or vineyards, meditate in very old monasteries where ancient manuscripts are kept.

Study the unique exhibits and collections at the numerous museums or appreciate modern art in contemporary galleries to get familiar with the Greek culture and civilization and most of all get to know the famous Greek hospitality protected by Zeus.

Will you be able to afford a Greece vacation package?

Yes! Your dreamy trip to this legendary country can come true. Tour operators and travel agencies can provide you with ready made trips to Greece, as well as, tailor made solutions that suit your needs so that you can save a lot a precious time planning your vacations.

Vikings Navita and best budget packages

A vacation package from Vikings Navita is just the ticket when it comes to really getting to know this area in a short or longer period of time. The company located in Greece, will ensure that everything will run smoothly so the only thing for you left to do is to pack your luggage.

Long experience and knowledge of local peculiarities, special places of interest and the idea to walk outside “the beaten path” are the keys for memorable vacations in one of Europe’s most appealing destinations.

Check also the Special Interest and Educational Tours sections where you’ll find a variety of thematic vacation packages and study tours as well.
Vikings Navita focus on painting, rejuvenation, culture, longevity, yoga, botany, bird-watching, classical Greece, media studies and more.
Groups can also plan their customized vacations creating new itineraries that serve the purpose of their trip.

The beauty of Greece is truly something you have to experience firsthand. Look at Vacation Packages in Greece to find the one that fits your needs.

Zante - Zakynthos Island, Greece vacation packages

Zante – Zakynthos Island, – photo courtesy of A. Kaknis.

In Greece vacation packages, you will find the right for you and select a land component or a cruise or even better both, so you’ll experience all the wonders of the country itself in addition to the islands and seas.

Once you’ve select from the Greece vacation packages deals we offer, yours and you’re ready to book your trip, let us help you with the details.

For the air portion of your travel, we always suggest to book early to keep the prices as low as possible. We also believe it’s a correct practice to acquire a Travel Insurance, just to be on the safe side.

As we take our job very seriously and we appreciate your confidence on selecting us for your vacations, we want to always make sure that your trip is easy and relaxing and we’ll do whatever we can in our power to ensure that. Check Vikings Navita’s Greece vacation packages deals for 2020 – 2021, pack your bags and Bon Voyage!



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