Looking for something really special? Charter a yacht in Greece.

The Grecian archipelago is home to over 1,400 islands, making it a paradise of gorgeous beaches, rocky coves, and private getaways. Can you imagine this as the setting for your next family reunion or business trip?
Greek Islands, Charter a yacht in Greece

Greek Islands

Think of how amazing it would be to sail through the Aegean and Ionian seas aboard a yacht and be “on the clock.” This dream can become a reality. You can charter a yacht in Greece and discover the magnificent Greek Islands

Dolphins, the Aegean sea.

Dolphins, the Aegean sea, courtesy by A. Kaknis

A way to charter a yacht in Greece is through Vikings Navita.

This beautiful part of the world is our home–we cherish it and all its natural wonder. When you charter a yacht in Greece with us, you and your group will experience parts of Greece and her islands that most visitors don’t even know exist.

Let us design the right program for your group and your needs. Whether you want to cruise on a traditional wooden boat and sail to discover Greece in 7 days and just spend your time lounging on the beach or you want a large ship with music, dancing and dining, we can arrange it all.

We are experts in the travel industry and offer top-notch arrangements and accommodations.

There is so much to see, study and remember from these lands–the possibilities are truly endless. We’ll do our best to tailor your Greece yacht charters to match the exact needs of your group and the types of people you’ll be traveling with.

We offer competitive pricing as well–you’ll be surprised at just how affordable is to charter a yacht in Greece and have your private chartered trip through this wondrous region.



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