Ready for a Greek Islands cruise?

Greece is one of those countries that inspires love and wonder. Made up of a chain of island after island as well as the mainland, Greece is a natural phenomenon in physical appearance and a repository of mythical history and a top destination.

It’s no secret that a Greek Islands Cruise visiting Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and other wonderful islands is one of the most memorable vacation you can have in Greece. This land is home to the stories of gods and philosophers, a virtual paradise of legend and lore.

Greek seas & yacht, Greek Islands cruise

Greek Islands cruise on board a wooden traditional yacht

When you visit Greece, you feel the warmth of the people surround you. Local taverns are great to taste traditional finger food called “mezedes” along with some ouzo liquor. Restaurants serve leisurely meals on cafe sidewalks to weary travelers and locals.

Local culture mixes with travelers’ inquisitiveness easily and openly. English is spoken by many Greeks and the local people love to engage visitors in lively conversation.

Mykonos alleys

Mykonos Down Town

At Vikings Navita, we capture the spirit of Greece with our staff and our special Greek Islands cruise offers. We provide leisurely travel with an informative nature so as not to bombard you with details, but also to help you feel as though you’ve really gotten to know a new exciting part of the world.

A Greek Islands cruise is a perfect way to discover Greece’s beauties.

To help you get more acquainted with local culture, history and archaeology Vikings Navita is sponsoring the Greek Travel Guide.




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