In Greece, one of the numerous “myths” regards the Greek salad. It is indeed possible that there isn’t a Greek who doesn’t eat during summer (and in winter, too) this tasteful dish, but it’s unlikely. Of course, there is no way that a visitor during his stay in the country won’t try a good Greek salad.

A “choriatiki salata” as we call it, literally means a rustic or villager’s salad.

Greek salad

The Mediterranean, with its splendid sun, produces delicious vegetables and herbs.
Two or three large tomatoes, one cucumber, one red onion, one green pepper, feta cheese, olive oil. Add to that Kalamata olives, vinegar, salt, oregano and capers are that’s all it takes to create this truly “divine” feast of flavors and taste. Not to forget, this salad is served cold.

Greek Food, Greek Salad

“Choriatiki Salata”, Greek Salad


  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Onion
  • Green Peppers
  • Feta Cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Kalamata olives
  • Vinegar
  • Oregano
  • Capers

Cut the mature tomatoes into 6-7 pieces, cut the cucumber into slices, chop the red onion and the green peppers into rings and place over a thick slice of feta cheese. Pour as much olive oil you want and add a little salt (remember that feta cheese is already salty).

Add the Kalamata olives, a little vinegar, and a nice pinch of dried oregano and some capers, that will absolutely multiply the flavors, if you consider yourself a caper-lover (as I do!). Have your Greek salad with some fresh bread and taste it, as it absorbs the mixture of olive oil, tomato juice, vinegar and the rest.

Enjoy your Greek salad!

In case you like the flavor of anise, as we do here in Greece, order ouzoalong with your salad. Personally, I really prefer Ouzo 12 and Ouzo Plomari, but there are many other brands of excellent quality. Keep in mind that Ouzo is really strong and contains a lot of alcohol.

For us here in the Mediterranean, a Greek salad, some bread, a glass of chilled ouzo diluted with water and the view of the sea, hits directly in our brain, probably one of our main centers of happiness.

Santorini Island

Santorini Island, the Cyclades

Of course this is multiplied by 1,000 when your friends and beloved ones are there with you, sharing from the same dish the salad and other delicious Mediterranean specialties.

The strong flavor of the earth, the view of the sea and the anise taste that remains from the ouzo is something really special. When you’ll visit the land of the gods, do not forget the Greek salad! It is a myth that cannot be busted. Gods ate ambrosia and drunk nectar.

We eat Greek salad, mezedakia (a kind of traditional Greek finger food) and drink ouzo. If you want to put a bit of Crete (our largest Island) in your salad, add some soaked Cretan rusk. Trust me on that. But remember: soaked either by water or tomato juice. They’re hard as a rock!

The dishes in our country are usually simple, tasty, and hearty and if you cook them with love (as all foods need to be cooked) they become something you’ll treasure having on your table. This special salad will definitely bring back memories of your vacation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Geia mas!” as we say cheers in Greek!


? Paco



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